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Dr. Schulze, you’re fantastic. Thank you. Your product’s really excellent. I’m 70, thank you. I’m 70 years old and about five
months ago or six months ago, they told me, why don’t you
think about going on dialysis. I said, I’m not
going to do that. So I’ve been taking
your product, the green, I forget the name of
it, but you mix it– SuperFood. Yeah, yes, I’ve been doing that. So I’ve been working out five
days a week and I’ve been, I did your detox for five days. Yes. I feel much better. Yeah. I’m from 238 down to about
198, something like that. Nice. So that’s great. And I could do round kicks
too, as at 70 years old. But I have another
problem, and perhaps you can tell me what to do. Yeah. I’m losing my wallets,
I’m losing my phones, and this is scaring me. And I don’t know what
to do about my brain, because why am I
losing these things? And something says, well when
you get older, that happens. So perhaps you could give
me some guidelines on that, because that’s my next project. Absolutely. And thank you so much. Thank you for the great
job you did, brother. Yeah, good job, good job. You’re fantastic too. OK, that’s just what
we talked about. Let me go back a chart. What did he do? Health is the sum
total of everything you do that makes
you feel great. He just changed some
things he was doing. Stopped doing certain things,
added in some new things, did some detox and cleansing
and flushed the body out. Then the next thing you
know, your disease begins or to go away or goes away. So now your question
was, what do we do now, because
you’re starting to have a little lapse
of memory and all that. Well, one of the things
we talked about just now was cayenne. But specifically,
this is, now we’re going into a commercial break,
but I make a brain tonic. And the brain tonic gets
more blood and more oxygen to your brain and helps
eliminate the waste up there. And so you would be a
perfect candidate for that. The brain tonic is
based on gingko biloba, which is famous for getting more
blood and oxygen to the brain. But on top of that,
it has cayenne in it, which just
drives the ginkgo or makes it 10 times
more effective when you add the cayenne, and
a number of other herbs. But you can also do
all sorts of things. You can put, you know
all those books you have that you discovered are
just bullshit you don’t want to read them anymore? Put them under the
feet of your bed. And just get your bed,
instead of like this, just to feed up a little bit. And that all night long,
you’ll get more blood to your head
circulating in your head just by elevating a little bit. And advance-wise, you
said you were exercising, you were moving, which is great. What were you doing? I work out five days a week. And what kind of
workouts do you do? First I use the
elliptical machine. And then after the elliptical
machine, first I use weights. Yeah, great. And then the elliptical. And then, or the bike, I switch. Yeah. And then I go into the sauna. And try to do some
things where you’re inverted, like even some abs
on a bench that’s slanted. You can do some abs on that. And then just lie on
that for five minutes. You’ll feel the flush
of blood to your head. And the blood getting to
your head will do two things. If there’s nutrition
in your blood, which I know there is, because
you’re using SuperFood, it’ll get more nutrition
to all your brain cells that need to eat, too. And at the same time, getting
all that blood to your head will just help flush it out. So cayenne, but
specifically brain tonic. Let’s just get more nutrition. And now we’re not talking
about healing a disease here, we’re talking about him getting
more circulation to his head.

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