Mija – Remix Lab with T-Pain

What’s up, Twitches! It’s your boy T-Pain!
You didn’t expect that, did you? Well, guess what? It’s not just eyes and
teeth, it’s actually me. How’s everybody doing today?
Throw some 1s up in the comments, if you already follow me. You know how I go man, I need my 1s, I need my 1s. And ladies and gentlemen, I am here right now with a
world-renowned beauty first of all, let’s just start with that — so pretty.
It’s making me nervous. You guys know I’m an introvert, so this is weird as fuck
for me. We’ll be chillin we got the new EP,
first of all. Let’s talk about the EP How to Measure the Distance
Between Lovers, the new song “Notice Me.” Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for the
homegirl, Mija. Hey. Talk to them. Talk to the people. I put out an EP, maybe like few months ago and tonight or today
we’re going to be remixing “Notice Me,” which is the first single off of the EP.
This is my first time on Twitch, so I’m nervous and excited. First time on Twitch. Treat her right! I have a Twitch account now. You do have a Twitch account. Shout out Mija_IRL. Mija_IRL. Something like that. When did you make that Twitch account? Oh, on the drive on the way here. On the way here, fantastic. [Laughs.]
That’s how we do this. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Red
Bull Remix Lab Live, we’re gonna remix a track right in front of your face.
You’re gonna tell us your input. Tell us how you want us to make the track, tell
us how you want us to make this thing kind of yours — and then we’ll tell you
how terrible that is, but some people will get through, some people we’ll
actually listen to. And at the same time we’re gonna do our thing. Mija is gonna
do her profession. That’s why we’re here because we’re professionals. And you’re just going to fuck everything up. I’m just gonna fuck everything up as much as possible. This is not an organized thing. I’m not well prepared for this. I’m
kind of already smashed. It’s not great so far. I didn’t make any notes. You didn’t make any notes. Hopefully, you made notes because I’m gonna fuck all this up. Like
I said I’m already smashed. So. Shall we? Yeah. We shall. Let’s hear that track a little bit.
Let’s run through the original and see what’s going on. What are we working on today?
What software are we working on today? I’m using Ableton and I’m using this Pioneer
DJS Sampler 1000, which is brand new. That’s a lot of colors. Oh, yeah. This here, it’s a lot of colors. Very shiny. It’s very shiny. A lot of buttons, a lot of colors, that’s already throwing me off. You make something, you want to make something
T-Pain — any kind of equipment, you give me three buttons. Give me three buttons and and whatever keyboard
DJ Mustard use and we’ll be fine, thank you. You let me know. You can use the Mellotron then. The Mellotron, oh my God. We’ll use this for, you know, just making some synths
or using MIDI. We got the SP-555. Which is some early-90s technology. Classic! The SP-555 is classic. The D-Beam. Oh, it’s not even triggered right now. We’ll figure it out. We’ll get there. I don’t want to give away too much. We don’t want to give away too much, but the SP-555 is strictly like what all of my musical ancestors came up with, killing it, you
know I’m saying everybody I look up to they had an SP-555 in the
studio and that’s just something you just want to have on deck all the time,
just for no reason. Even if you don’t use it for the day you just want to rent it,
just have it for the day, just have it in the studio to inspire if you want to do
like a musical seance, you have a SP-555. What else we got going on here. Um, well, I think — how should the remix sound? How should the remix sound? This is kind of like a mellow, melancholy, but also
kind of romantic happy song. I want to make it a little bit more — That was a crazy combination you just did. [Laughs.] Well, I did write it. Melancholy. Happy. It’s like romantic- melancholy, but I want to make it a little bit more, a little more upbeat, I
think. Like cooler drums. What are you guys thinking? You know the
original song. What does the remix need to sound like? Obviously everybody else on here wants us to notice
them, so if you would like to be noticed you obviously have a remix in mind. How
will we notice you if you were to do the remix or if you’re just terrible at
music just just thinking about how you would like something sound. Just give us adjectives. Just real super vague. As vague as possible. Or really complex adjectives, just to make it complicated. Just complicate it as much as you can — do your best goddamn it. [Laughs.] So how are you gonna go about this? Like what do you
usually start with? What do you try … I think I’m just gonna like play some shit,
loop some stuff and then just add some elements. I’m gonna turn this down because it’s almost over. Somebody said the remix should sound like it came off the Black Panther soundtrack. I didn’t see that movie. I am not 100 percent sure what the Black Panther soundtrack sounds
like as a whole. I’ve heard the singles. Man, that’s a lot. That’s it’s a big
demand. It’s a big demand. Did that movie pass a billion already? Because
it’s hard to do, just going right in and just make a billion
dollars, just do it. Oh man, come on, guys, give us something,
give us something. Make it a T-Mix? You don’t want that. I want that. It’s gonna be all kind of booties and pussies in it. You don’t want to … See, this is a lot of
things that I can do for this. Somebody say making a trap banger.
It’s very possible. Going in already. This is already good. You know, just a
little arpeggiator to get things going. I get that going, I get that going. Now
see the Mellotron has two screens on it and it’s showing two different
instruments and how are we using this to control your Ableton? Right now, I’m using it as MIDI just to get this but I think I’m gonna layer it with some
shit. Okay, cool. Layer it up. I’m still afraid of all —
there’s so many colors going on around here and I don’t know what to think of
any of it. Of this thing? Just the whole thing. There’s a lot of
colors. The Mellotron is probably more intimidating than anything in here, but
if it’s just a MIDI controller right now, I’m fine with that. Once you start hitting the knobs and
there’s a Select A, which I’m gonna call selectah. Selectah! Oh yeah, someone should get the camera on this. And then there’s a Select B,
which I’m gonna call Select B. We’ll figure it out, but at this very moment
this is a lot of colors and shit happening I’m really afraid of. Make it sound like a Dr. Dre West Coast. Wow. Damn! You guys are taking my really
mellow, melancholy song. How do we even do that?
Keep it coming guys. Let’s see what kind of stuff we need to be doing. It’s all
about layers, it’s all of our layers. Somebody said a retro wave remix I got
slowed down a little future baseload you know you’re pretty good oh man whoo can I add those layers don’t
you love it when you play something and you realize you haven’t even been
recording you haven’t been recording that ladies and gentlemen welcome to the
Travis tribulations of the internationals we’re professionals
goddamn it she didn’t mean to record that just the
end so I’m just practicing that’s what it takes that’s what it takes you know
measure twice cut once that’s what we do here in the music industry so we fuck up
a bunch of times and then when we actually hit record
that’s what you get to see so we won’t let you see how to fuck ups but today
you’re gonna see are you gonna see all the fuck-ups which is gonna be crazy I’m gonna try I’m gonna try but I don’t
want to ramble too much because I actually want you to hear the track
being made if I’m just talking over this shit
it’s gonna sound like I got down Chris Rock stand up the whole time you don’t
want that you want all that noise going on so somebody said let’s do a West
Coast vibe mixed with southern traffic I don’t know how to do that
that’s just god damn we did say complex we did say complex and you guys are
delivering holy shit that’s fucked up we got to layer this thing we did we got a
layer it’s all about peace once we get to the drums I think we can yeah then
we’ll start figuring out what kind of sound we’re gonna have about the whole
track but we’re still trying to keep the original in mind we’re still trying to
keep everything as it was but then you don’t want to you know we got to keep
the integrity of the track absolutely absolutely
but I also if I get out how do you know what’s gonna be the next layer how do
you know what what’s you know what are you what are you hearing your hands
I’m kind of taking parts like like this art was from the original song so like
that’s that’s original and then this is just kind of a new chord progression so
kind of songs like the Beatles I can give this guy good lord I already
use the mellotron so fun really yeah The Beatles use the Miller trying yeah
the mellotron looks like it takes for me to carry so I can see that somebody said
mix in some apple bottom jeans I don’t know how to do that so when you’re
hearing these different things are these things you heard on top of the original
or like because sometimes when I’m doing shows or when I you know finish my songs
and they come out I’m like man I should’ve did this yeah I mean I think
things always change like you never finish a track right you just kind of
really wished it and then you come up with different ideas after you write and
especially when I was like asked to remix this like this is such a weird
song in general I’m like how do I remix this like when I started kind of
planning for this I was just sat at my piano and like I have a loop pedal at
home which I didn’t bring because it kind of goes off beat really easily okay
but yeah that’s how I came up with this original like progressions just looping
things over okay so you did hear like just other stuff
like man I could’ve did this I could be regret not doing anything on the
original um I like the original oh good good
I regret some things that I didn’t do on my originals but I also regret some
things that did fuck-ups everybody what here’s part of it
Oh somebody say they love me thank you I’ll tell you what yes way
yeah yeah you gotta get with it yeah you gotta come on okay um thank you you guys
were great fun her you guys were great the crowd was
amazing at Bonnaroo Dave honor it was so cool
Bonnaroo was so awesome and I was ridiculously sober that did not feel
right that was so bad why how are you so bad I don’t know I was just like a
backstage thing they wouldn’t let random drug dealers come back there it was
crazy well shit that was like that what do you
think you think we should start with they add some vocals or do some drums
first I think we go I think we can go I would think we can get the beat going
but then if we do the vocals first I usually do vocals first oh definitely
get the fuck was going first whatever you want to do I mean but you
know if what what what’s the process if you put a vocal on it first will that
change the drums that you were thinking of or you know will it kind of affects
how the rest of the track is gonna go if the vocals are there or do you put them
there and then you mute them and then do everything else well the only reason
that I normally do vocals first is because I feel like if you have drums on
you’re automatically constricting your timing on your vocals it’s like you’re
getting put into a box trying to like follow the exacts
know what a syncopation you know nobody nobody in the box it’s me hi in a box
I’m kind of a baby it’s good all right yeah let’s do a little fucking weird
make shit done for a second the chat is saying let’s do drums first that’s just
that’s just saying that’s what they’re saying in a box they want to put you in
a box okay let’s say on a challenger we got a challenge we got to make sure that
we can all get together and do these things as a people doesn’t make this
track together twitches whoa let’s say start the kick it’s a fig
for a six we’re getting together give it a second
know what’s happening here we’re programming a kick right now programming
oh shit program have all my practice stuff on
here let me turn this shit off that’s what happens that’s what happens this
shit from earlier sorry you know this is rehearsal stuff we got it you got it
I can’t even start – oh man it’s fairly fast so yeah I mean a button – written
I’m afraid of this okay no that was I was turning everything off okay that
makes it suffer a kick said t-pain should lay down some vocals
I’m here to help y’all right I’m here to help y’all that might have it if I hit
that airhorn a few more times that’s just nice you never know speaking of
that okay my drink is way too far away you just you just you can you cannot do
that me I was doing something but everybody else
bottoms up bitch drink there we go now we got a kick in a snare there we go I
can progress how do you pick the sound of your cover you kick ensnare doesn’t I
mean I I definitely pre picked these okay because you have to do it this
thing it’s like you’re really just going you look you make your own sample packs
and then you put it on here and then you create like these little different
layers that you can trigger it right so you have I mean you could technically
sample off of like if you’re like DJing that’s what it’s for
mm to sample off of the track and then you can go to keep it going
but do you have like a like when you start making the track do you have like
a specific drum sound and mind like is there a snare that’s like two 808 E or
two nine hey I really like 909 stuff usually but I am also like 808 like just
like cake like big kick sub all right basically I kind of am really into like
filtered out lo-fi drums okay that’s what I’ll do I’ll show you how I can do
that on here yeah let’s show you what filtered out low five drums are a lot of
people don’t understand that they just go with whatever’s on your it’s on your
on your dog dies digital audio workstation by the way I’m so sorry it’s
what we call it an industry everything is abbreviated in the music industry so
we’re too rich and lazy to say whole words but most people just go with the
drums that come with their shit and then you just do that but you see me I hear
she likes to go through it’s like to pick out and shit this is obviously we
we pre picked this well me how prefect but yeah you want to be able to pick
that as you’re going and really look up and that complements all your you know
ups and everything going into the actual music of it so the
drums aren’t overbearing they’re not you know nothing happening in the background
with the drums so you want to have that impact you want the job to have some
kind of impact but don’t kill the whole link so you know we’re just doing a bite
you just turn it off over later okay so now here here we can do like some
filtered shit so if you were like you want to start it like a low-pass No so
all this is already in the Pioneer yeah so this is controlling all of them lynnie and I’m just reporting this into
audio yeah so since we don’t have the MIDI going from so you have to record
all the drums into audio into Ableton in order to think that up because once we
get these drums in here we’ll be able to hear what’s happening with the track so
far yeah feeling their lips alright this is going great so you
recorded all that as audio you can turn it on now and you can edit it down and
make it a part of the track so if we wanted to add more from the Pioneer we
could just go in and yeah ready to go in our a boom I think it changed but now
that you have an audio you can even do more things to it yeah and actually it
says kind of perfect cuz we have it on a little filter Hey so start this is the
one so let’s start one here filter bring this some orange is there gonna
sing some of my commentary they’ll just be weird I think the whole thing will
just be weird just just weirdest shit no no I only
sing when I wanna get eliminations I’m killing no when I’m killing on overwatch
you gotta wait I just muted it oh do it up hold on I got to get these on this is
what happens when you play shit live that’s what happens man you got to get
it right now MIDI is a is a is a fickle fickle woman so you got a we got to make
sure that we get it on you guys are gonna you’ll figure this out as you can
look at the screen we’ll make sure we can everything quantize quantize it’s
when you put everything on a specific beat you can put it on sixteenth notes
eighth notes from our quarter notes and you’ll have everything in order but
that’s right now it’s kind of like a thing we’re just doing live we usually
have more time to do these things more than an hour to make we’re trying to do
this as quickly as possible this usually takes I mean even with me if I’m doing
somebody else’s song it usually takes me about four or five hours we got a solid
45 minutes to try to make this work maybe I’ll start the vocals right here
then somebody said I had some vinyl crackle oh yeah yeah yeah I just bought
this yeah yeah hold on so the SP listen oh how do you even I’ve never known how
to navigate pretty much one of the best drum machines ever created it’s it’s
been a part of of the hip hop culture for a very long time so you know the
fact that it’s going into other genres and
other you know other types of you know music and artists it would just be it
would be weird if it wasn’t here that but being that it’s from the 90s and you
know obviously have a vinyl crackle sample in there so I think it’s just another fun fact this is this is Ryan
everybody Brian the engineer everybody another fun fact about the SP triple
five these motherfuckers didn’t know how to organize sounds back then so you know
trying to kind of navigate they did the best they could but the fact that they
you know it’s so different now trying to navigate through a triple five is pretty
strenuous as you can see takes at least two people ah
oh yeah sucker boy we figured it out it’s over
clink plastic clink oh okay cool that’s probably gonna be good enough quick side
note check the cert just check the cert real quick buy my shit buy my shit not
even a joke thank you and we’re back this is a Red Bull remix
lab live we’re here with me now just in case you’re just tuning in you bought
cheap paint just in case you don’t differentiate black people’s faces
listen weird having a great time here we got most of a remix track happening
right now we just added some drums we got some VPS
going with adding effects we’re adding filters there’s a SP five five five that
had the final crack we were looking for if you’re just tuning in once again by
all means tell us how this remix needs to kick off we’re doing notice me from
the EP how to measure the distance between lovers all right whee-ha t-pain
everybody’s all caught up sucker but watch
can you guys hear your vinyl cracking the shirt is lynnie see that the other
works that’s right we are how do you know what
a song our remix is done and when to walk away
did you never know you never know I mean you just have to do soon as your manager
tells you send it now you’re like is there like have you ever have you ever
recalled a song like put it out in like wait no I got I got more bring it back
literally my last single called talk we me and Ron were mixing and mastering it
and literally finished an hour after midnight when I already came out on
Spotify and I’m okay Jeff I’m really sorry but do you think you can replace
the file on Spotify that works I mean sometimes they do that if you’re being a
dick they don’t do it – from experience if you being a dick you’ve got to be
nice one time they put the wrong title to my song and I was like hey I guess
though it’s not you know what is nice how to measure distance in between two
lovers how do you know that’s five times but I got it on cassette so you know see
what’s going on there boom cousins it’s a lot that I got that you may not be
able to have but it is available wait how many of these did you make the
cassettes in the Chukchi and I’m blessed 200 hopefully this is like 199 there’s
your number you didn’t I’m gonna put numbers on it
cuz I feel I feel special now so oh oh ladies and gentlemen here comes the
bubbles oh we’re waiting on it alright so I think for this
do the locals a little bit differently cuz you know remix and shit yeah don’t
judge me I will I will good oh well you obviously have permission
for me this is you got to go in for me you can’t oh oh my bad my bad I’m gonna
set the hell up for a second everybody over there set the hell up too come down to the car it is drink up
bitches all right now we can put daughter teen
on there it is I think that was dope but if you want to put out I’ll do it on it
oh do you think it sounded amazing to me how far did you get into a track before
you start mixing and at least setting like a little level like I usually I
mean I like I kind of mix a little bit on the go as far as like basic EQ filter
rings like reverb like my channels on here I have on my return tracks I have
like three different reverbs two different delays and like this
crystallizer birches this is basic stuff on the fly yeah and then you then you
send it all to Ryan and he killed it instead try distorting your vocals a
little put some distortion and see what happens really you know what though we
could use this thing we went through a few things yeah we got we got different
pedals we have a ton of ton of equipment here as you can see and I got my
computer that’s are queuing up yeah this right here oh oh it’s mostly an
excuse for me to do this check check watch this ready hey hey hey hey your
gums here comes watch this again
that’s B triple five very hard to navigate through but when you get it
shit sounds amazing it’s just changed can you hear me now
what’s happened here how about I sing and then you can do you like the voice
let’s get Reggie Watts in here exactly you want to play with the effects on
this thing when I sing it of course I will definitely love this so we have
Ryan’s got to show me obvious oh yeah basically like this voice thing which
makes you well this is when I fuck everything up everybody we all wanted to
see it get the dry in there oh jesus oh god that’s so fun today
okay well wait did you record that I I’m here to fuck stuff up people that’s what
I’m here for you need something fucked up you call me
you want your house built terribly you’re calling I will lay bricks
side-by-side and not up and down that’s what I do
long as shit skinny ass house that’s what I do people because your phonecalls
fucked up you put me off anyway so what are you gonna do with that now all right
now I just kind of bend one a little bit that way a little bit that way all right
pain is when you when you hear one thing on one speaker and you know which vocal
is it’s from vocals it’s really good especially if you’re listening in
headphones right you know when you open up those apps and it says best to use
headphones fuck those acts I don’t have headphones on me that’s why
I’m using the app it’s weird don’t especially for your shit needs internet
connection I’m trying to listen to music what do you need internet connection and
access to my contacts the fuck is that calm down that we don’t need any of that
oh but you know also I mean shut up to my vocal effects oh we’re all gonna get
smashed during this session we don’t have a long time sure that’s really
funny I’m pretty proud that I made the track
I’m saying I just I’m a part of it so I’m good that’s that’s what’s up
you see what I’m saying I’m a part of it I did my part
and I’m saying I’ll turn a few knobs and a few buttons I’m a part of this shit
we’ll figure a ballute Li if you’re just tuning in right now just your homeboys
he paints a little longer yeah this is the red bull remix laughs laughs hey
we’re remix in her new joints notice me off of how to measure distance between
lovers now we’re taking we’re taking commentary we’re taking chance we’re
taking every day every kind of advice on how to make this remix super dope if you
haven’t heard the original go check it out right now
give her a couple more hundred thousand dreams that would be you know would be
would be nice to go platinum off of this over this dream that’s so what’s the
next step what’s the next step you hear the Beatles influence so this
is coming off of the mellotron yeah so let’s see here so we’re not using it for
a MIDI controller anymore now these are sounds that are actually on yeah you
want help me pick a sound I do because select ok select I’m inside like this
little flute thing on this side cuz you mix between are there or okay what’s she
feeling for the right side I’m thinking I’m thinking like an organ that’s there’s a trombone now and that’s a
vibraphone oh there it is oh that’s beautiful I love that I like sinister
air sounds don’t you know don’t listen too much to me you fuck around you fuck
around with me and asking me about sounds you sticking end up sounding like
wu-tang song real fans yeah see that’s where that’s that’s dopa shit
to me you know it’s like John Woo could use this in a movie like this shit feels
good you know let’s record that because that feels nice obviously you’re keeping the original
notice me in mind right to have all this going you gotta have this in mind or you
gotta have the arisen a note right now okay good I like that I like that organ
though yeah my said staying sinister I’m always ready huh true go high so now I was getting it
that prettiness into it that’s that’s what it’s all about
that’s that the ear pleasings it’s the ear please it’s all the eargasm that you
that’s what he lived at right up at the top all right are you self-taught on the
keys did you did you learn how to play dude were you classically trained her I
did like choir so I know how to excite reviews I needed a young age well you
can actually read music I can figure it out probably faster but yeah I just
started like really trying to learn how to play keys like in the past year okay
otherwise I’m not gonna lie I’m like better at just playing something and
then comping it you know how do you say how do you say you know what goddammit
I’m gonna learn how to play how do you even what’s the what’s the beginning
process because I’m sure there’s a lot of aspiring musicians out there that’s
like I bet I can learn learn guitar I just watched a guy yeah I just want to
go play guitar for a year and he learned this one long-ass solo I can’t even
remember what it’s definitely the last song on guitar hero and he just learned
that he just learned it on actual guitar no he didn’t learn it on Guitar Hero but
it’s definitely when I heard it I was like this last song which I second but I
saw him like started and it was just over and over and over and over again
and he just kept trying and kept trying and in a hundred days he murdered it oh
my god so what was this crazy guitars heart oh I can’t yeah I need my fingers
heard stuff other stuff other than music what was the process like for you
starting to you know like I’m gonna go in I’m gonna learn how to please I think
I mean when I made my EP it’s like it’s all very kind of live ish sounding I
made it on a computer for the most part but there are some like instruments that
we I all like had like Ryan or someone else record like guitar for example but
I want to actually be able to play my music eventually like I’m a DJ right now
and been a DJ but I want to try to do new shit so that was like you know kind
of a challenge for me I just learned how do I play two kids a little bit in the
last four years because I’m just guys frankly got tired of paying people to
play the shit I had in my head already like know what you want
ready you know it’s like explain it to somebody you’re really and it ended in
something well if you work on it long enough it’ll come out how you heard it
in your head but a lot of times it doesn’t because you hear these very
specific things that you can’t articulate into somebody else’s fingers
that’s what she said yeah I’ll take one of those thank you
very much thank you thank you I’m here till Thursday I also do bar mitzvahs
thank you I’ve done a few very way to perform the songs I so there’s some low
notes let’s do a little panning trick again though so you’re doing a panting
trick with a low octave and a high octave of the flute and the organ of the
flute and the organ so that’s like that’s kind of nice too this is the high
version oh man so we’ll do pretty dope on the computer keys as well
I could never talk about that fast oh and I’m afraid I’m like a really fast
typer actually to learn is the time to learn that’s nothing
didn’t do that didn’t do that but also I was home-schooled so there’s that that happens reflection okay there we go
now we got all the pieces liddie all the pieces are there so we
have all these layer tracks with you know a lot of the same instruments but
when you paint them and you do them different octaves it turns into I was
right to say let’s say let’s see well let’s see what we well we have on the
track so far show you run it from the top this one in front of that wait is it
already arranged the little top very slightly I just kind of keep moving my
loops of it the arrangement is when you put
different tracks and different places things come in at different times and it
sounds like a full composition of what you hear in song structure sound like
that in your face and that filter that nice
filter on the trough this is already turning out great we’ve not been here
for that long and we’re already kicking ass that was on me shit is coming in come on the
arrangements yes the arrangement is in its I’ll bring this over here like nine
months right now oh you have a new face fine now we do let’s bring that back
okay once again if you’re just tuning in this is Red Bull remix lab laughs she
bought C pain aka MC teeth and ass here with my home
girl remix it our new joints notice me off
the EP how to measure the distance between lovers not just not just fuck
buddies okay lovers even let us know how you think to remix the sound let us know
how you think it needs to turn out we’re working on it right now and if you’re
just tuning in you’re a little late for commentary and where were your antennas
when we first started this we’re pretty far along so far and we got to work
quick yeah we’ve got to work quick for some reason I can’t snap with this hand
doesn’t work doesn’t work I didn’t break anything on this hand or anything
catching up with this this works I can do this I don’t know how that works guys
wait we’ve got a request to filter the orange
yeah let’s see what the organ sounds like filtered we’ll take your advice
at some point pretty cool I guess everything for just one or just say fuck
it it just feels right I’ll turn the group but looks like yeah like this so
fast so what would that be more vocals would
you do that and guitar would you yeah we need yeah we should get some
guitar going just did we get some guitar going in there I mean unless do you want
to do some vocal a bit maybe maybe we’ll be taking suggestions from the people
you yard I’m here to commentate and get drunk on
camera that’s my sole purpose and job yeah how
about yeah this could be cool actually oh I might the second I get drunk enough
um be in the booth killing it so I I think that I should start getting this
like little like build transition going with some new shit I did have a guitar
part that I originally wrote out I suck at guitar but Ryan’s really good
at guitar so we’re gonna let’s get right in here that’s really oh yeah Ryan’s
like amazing he actually played out a lot of the things that I wrote on my EP
like with like a live bass or live guitar which is fun because you can like
have all the feedback and alright the errors so you play it out first map it
out and you get out what do you have in your head and then Ryan I do I can’t
because it’s too big so Ryan basically just translates everything when you plan
out guitar Wow I’ll make make my own guitar parts like
using like contact or like Guitar Rig or some shit but he ends up doing it so
so much better do this we’re good I’ll make a chew on like a little ladies
and gentlemen get it off or Ryan on the gooey tar yeah everybody’s there who can
hear you’re selfish it was like 19 people in here right now so you can’t
damn but obviously they want it to seem like we’re alone and I get that and
seems awesome and you think we’re just in there as ourselves oh we should also
get some gang claps going oh we can get that on a bumper Mike yeah well we have
that let’s make for that and we got that Mike for that station ready
we gotta set up a station music two chairs and now what was the part ago you know we just
lead into it so you can get a feel you guys can laugh like this all the time mm-hmm yeah I Ryan is like my fucking
creative dog so he’ll he’s like a sound engineer like first before anything else
he’s really good at mixing and mastering and taking things to their final forms
yeah and also fuckin Jimi Hendrix oh that’s great you are now yeah there you
go yeah that’s great thank you guys for
tuning in because this year we did not think I did I did I had faith in it but
that’s because I wasn’t prepared so if you don’t set any goals you’re always
doing good once again if you just tuning in this is
Red Bull remix lab live t-pain aka DJ teeth and eyes chillier my own girl me I
and the homie Ryan aka swimming Hendrix hey Alice how the freestyle that was off
the donut was crazy let’s say right now we’re remaking me a
single notice to me that was the first name the movies notice me is notice me
senpai it is it still notice me I don’t know even if I even changed it did you
think what’s that say on there wait I think I might just be noticed me is it
weird you inside what we remix it bottomland we’re doing
a remix right now that’s why it’s called remix lab live did you put it together
you work that out champ you put two and two in there great so what’s happening
right now what’s what’s going on I’m having some like little effects things
to do you know where these are going to go is there specific these parts of
these parts of the intro or anything like that this is kind of like a little
interlude thing mm-hm so the into the final section because what I wanted to
do with this remix was keep it’s not really one of those songs it has like
structured parts like there’s not like a course there’s not a hook whatever my
favorite songs are the ones that start somewhere and take you on a journey and
like bring you there so this is you know that’s why it starts really mellow and
then it grows into the organs and then we’ll get the guitar and then what I’m
trying to sort out depending on how much time we have is we have time do a little
breakdown and then I think go into like a more like not half time but like twice
as speed drums I think we I think we got time the Twitter’s stay around so this
is basically like a Ryan solo this is Ryan’s guitar solo boom let’s get that
going shut up Ryan does anybody smash yet I feel like we
should everybody on that side of chat should be some ass right now throw me
something wrong if you feel like you’re smashed give me someone’s just call me a
ton of one’s if you can that’ll be great that’s what I do I might switch channel
when people let me lead you in like right here also you know twitch.tv slash
t-pain oh that’s also a channel I’m hosting this right now you can’t see
what I’m doing which is awesome as shit and shit on my Twitter said I didn’t
even Asian said that everybody’s always on my shit also follow me ha IRL she
just made a Twitter channel on her way yeah so let’s flood that motherfucker
man get that bitch I’m going Ryan solo you get a whammy bar varieties what is
going on thank you for the ones I’m going to throw some 20s or some
subscriptions my way that’ll be Doug – yeah that’s good I’m probably gonna
stream tonight if anybody wants to check that out that’s actually that’s perfect
they want rain to go crazy they want Ryan to just jam out just just like
around for about you know he’s I think there’s a middle ground hold on you’ll
see I think this will be cool okay cuz I want to bring slimming Hendricks is
trending on on Twitter right now everybody thank you that’s trending on that’s awesome germination so that’s
that’s that’s very nice what’s happening right now what do we got here so right
now I’m going to this will keep going all this guitar solo right here right yes and then while this comes in bigger
run then we can oh man watch the breakdown – I use a
specific plugin so you’re just doing a I’m literally just fucking sampling shit
right now so like this is a little shaker for the for the filter are you
using any oh the highly sought-after auto filter from Ableton Live 10 the
ever so elusive so yeah okay so filter on the drum bass fire that’s
got to come up into after Ryan’s doing this thing and man this is awesome yeah
this is actually coming out cooler than ice the organ I wasn’t anticipating that
that made everything sound like just that’s okay what is that now this is
just a little transition thing so the reverse and that’s when the yeah and
then actually this should go over here cuz then that’s when the all right we should do some simple
swells cure everything everybody they always have to bring your shit in
symbols well there do it right away no big deal I wish I was well versed in
Ableton Live I am NOT you can’t learn everything so great it’s it’s it’s just
so great it isn’t very good joking here you can change the colors but I find it
really annoying to be honest Oh tiny by the way if I do figure out how to wear it
hey what then please give me free shit so that we go ahead do you think you got
this you got this good I wouldn’t be everything wasn’t even
recording oh because like pretty bad this that’s okay perfect
you gonna want to record yes that’s what makes it work cars work
better with keys because also these are the kicks that
you’re placing home oh shit you’re teasing it I don’t think and go twice the speed but
I can also make it make it twice as fast with editing the pioneer thing is
amazing filter live yeah ordered right there
that’s my favorite kind of my favorite yeah at that point II don’t really need
the MIDI so this is the build-up to the more halftime I see yeah and then we’ll
do like a final big grand finale with like the drum and bass and then like a
fucking maybe like Ryan goes crazy just going in on this I’m trying to take all
this in you guys should be taking this an absolutely watch the screen and see
how quick she is an editing all this shit because I would not be able to do
any of this not in Ableton I can tell you that I got
a few programs I use myself I fuck with logic you know lots of Pro X is my shit
obviously because of Apple guy but recently I left my laptop at home
because I’ve been in LA for a few months now and I’ve recently been forcing
myself to learn fruity loops 12 I guess I guess it’s up to 12 maybe I’m behind I
don’t but I’ve been forcing myself to learn FL studio and it’s going pretty
well my home boy young fires been helping me out Dre moon has been helping
me out these are you know multi-platinum you know producers gonna have me out Boy
Wonder has been helping me out you know it’s been a lot of producers man like
Grammy Award winner tempt me out with this and I still don’t know what the
fuck I’m doing what yeah thank you guys for answering
the phone and annoying ass thank you very much you wanna see know what do you
go but you want to see my favorite shit about Elton I do want to do it it’s this
frequency shifter it’s fucking cool you can basically find seeing like all
the different frequencies so if I’m gonna go like oh my goodness and it
works on anything I’ll so you can really find anything you want don’t put it like
an LFO on it to see these kinds of things make me want to use these when
you have your own when you have your go-to digital audio workstation you tend
to not really want to fuck with anything else but it’s always good to venture off
into different things and see what you can do with different programs and
software one of my production homegirls her name is Sabina sweet rice she’s
super dope and I asked her what programs to use and she said literally I can
either use everything or learn something so it’s always that mentality that you
want to have to really get into yourself and learn these different things and see
what else you can do with different kinds of software different softwares go
straight on to everything so sure you know you always have that option to be
different just FYI I would normally never record vocals into Ableton I would
usually use like Pro Tools and abuse but for the sake of time and like having it
all be here KaBlam you can know – which is you know
that’s kind of the cool part yeah so that’s how it works just watch it it’s
fuck with it just don’t you know don’t be afraid to go to something that you
don’t know I am afraid of Ableton because this is
so great Ableton hook me up with some colors man just a little that’s it
that’s it what do you need to get hooked up with Ableton for just again just
colors just more colors the background could be different colors I don’t know
man it looks like a it looks like QuickTime it is it is still awesome
because now I’m seeing what you can do in it and you know I have a few DJ
friends that back and that can fuck with it and we really want to use it it’s
cool cuz like everyone uses it differently that’s yeah that is true I
like the reason I like Abelson is it’s really user friendly and conducive to
sampling which is nice what I started doing before I know anything about
making music I was like well I don’t know what an LFO or an oscillator is but
I know how to sample that’s that was why I started them and that’s what fucks me
up mostly about you know I don’t know you have a lot of friends that go in on
different programs different ways so when you see someone use it and they’re
using it super fast and they’re going I’ll admit everywhere all over the place
and then you see one of your other friends and they’re going super fast but
they’re doing shit completely different how the first friend ate it and then
you’re like I’m never gonna I can never learn that day that’s what I thought
about fruity loops and then I left my Mac at home brought my PC with me to be
totally honest I started using fruity loops because all my all my games are on
my PC and I got tired of carrying two computers so having my Mac and using
logic in Pro Tools and then having my gaming PC for gaming I got tired of
doing that so I kind of just wanted to carry one laptop but it did work out
because I’ve made some of the best tracks I’ve made in a very long time on
fruity loops but you know obviously when I get back home and I don’t have to
travel I’m getting back on my logic I’m getting back on the Pro Tools and I’m
using different digital audio workstations too you know diversify my
motherfucking portfolio sucker but that’s how you do that stations okay let’s make this so what’s
next what we need in checks what do we need to check or not
it’s a little over here that you don’t want to address you want to dress I’m
real quick what’s up for producers a lot of producers that I know and a lot of
videos a lot of up-and-coming producers they’re afraid to use loops oh you can
change your lips so like I just made this loop twice as fast and like okay it
was like 120 something and it doesn’t you know you can do whatever you want
bread you don’t have to use a loop and then just keep it how it is that’s you
know what and even if you do that’s fine if you make it your own you make it your
own depends on the context really absolutely it’s not the hammer it’s the
carpenter you regardless of how it comes out if you use a loop and that’s the
main component of your track and that’s the main component of your production
that’s fine nobody could use that loop how you just used it like one I always
see people like oh guess what I just found this loop that that that this
other person used in this really famous song you didn’t come up with that drum
pad and you didn’t do like the umbrella song they found that loop and it’s an
apple loop it comes with logic and when people find it they’re like oh my god
that producer didn’t come up with that he used it before you he use it before
you and I was a smash song but you had it at the same time that he had it you
had that same amount of time that that producer had that and you didn’t use it
to make a smash song guess what he’s no less of a producer for it he found a way
to use it and make it a smash song use those goddamn loops there’s so many
websites I know you see them on Instagram there’s so many sites and
places with you know MIDI loops just everything just use that shit man use it
because it could turn into an idea that you can get rid of the loop and the loop
maybe clown your shit up just use it be proud of it also like the
way creativity works is like someone make something and then someone gets
inspired by it and turns it into something else like I’ve never really
understood the whole argument between like oh you stole that one sounds like
to put it in your song inspiration Hey otherwise how us are gonna feel
creativity absolutely I mean just think about this guys we’ve done pretty much
everything everything’s been it’s it’s happened already there’s no new version
of anything it’s already there’s nothing new Under the Sun if you get inspired by
something from way back then or right now if song could have just came out two
weeks ago inspired by that to make a song that sounds just like it do that
just do it I wanna use the same no matter like here hey I got you a present
yay sorry guys I’m trying to locate my kick in the sampler so I can keep it
consistent with the rest of the track you gotta
you just gotta just make it like twice as fast and then we’ll get the big bass
oh this will be fun so we got most of arrangement going
right now we got the intro yeah we got we got the what would be so called into
the middle and we’re all just I mean like she said we started off we take you
on a journey and then get you to the club but here we are I know that’s what
I was trying to find so once we get to once we get the kick going once we get
the kick organized we’ll go back to the top see where we are in the track so far
there’s so many so many fuck cuz everytime like I just opened a new one
and restart from scratch it’s probably it’s probably a better idea than what I
did boom swing kicks great kicks there it is so when you get that going when
you get that going let’s go back to begin and see where we are so far yes
BAM Chet loves Ryan everybody loves Ryan slimming Hendrix
and they’re killing it let’s get Ryan a fedora and we’ll be right on to a racist but seriously can somebody bring that
that uh this from the other room because that would just be you know if any of my
people from out to a shelter here they expect me to be good and blasted buddy
in this drink up bitches oh we do that’s so much more about
actually following the drinking game yay they said it I’ll take that that would
yeah aren’t either way either way I didn’t want to put that on her but all
right good stuff I’ll do this over here you guys these stay right there they don’t want us to be sponsored on
camera so I’ll be right back guys I’m sorry yeah I’m gonna but then you know
if it ever comes back up I don’t have to hide it no we’re we’re lacking here what
red bull merchandise seems like we would have a lot of that we don’t seems like a
shirt but I am me so let’s get it on that shirt one more time available than
the Peapod store right now by my shadow sir what do we got going now I just want to
get one little one last like fat face for the ends to go with the with the
drums yeah good you know what I kind of want to do the bass on that dollar you
want to I kind of do want to do they’re done
oh we also figure out the gang cops so we can get to that later or whatever you want to make it you know
we’ll see we’ll see so join me death you want me to put on
the base that I thought I was was testing earlier slapa the bass man sigh
Ryan I’m sorry that was my fault oh these do that again that’s a snare I
would use the whole attack how did you what am I not even yeah rock I’m like
how are you do yeah I can it’s so cool I’ve never used the
mellotron before and this is a new experience for me what you want to use
them fo instead of got you oh I forgot to put the negative octave
thing on here Wow suck it everybody else I got to be a
part of things I like being a part of things I feel like I did something so
I’m gonna pray for the base drink up bitches yeah let’s see what that track
sounds like with the boys bitches I feel sorry I’m just yeah that was really close yes I do what
I can I’m very proud of that I didn’t think I
would be able to do that laughs I think it’s over here I’m fucked up on a lot there’s a start over
I can do it all together now I think I got it now I can just do it again you
want to do it again yeah yeah I’m gonna save this one just in case oh I’ll give you a little lead in funky
fingers McGee I’m so ready yeah I think enough yeah I did it and I was going to ask the crowd for a
bass MIDI notes yeah man I feel like I did a little horse meat is cut this
completely no no that’s when it comes back by it
absolutely you know okay I have an idea so we’ll bring these we’ll cut these up
from the beginning and then we’ll bring them back you know it’s cool like I can
do another note for that also so I’ll record you when you get back on so making sure the notes of the bass go
with the notes of all their cores okay okay okay
all right so I’ll start right here so you can hear it and then it’ll just go
into it let’s just copy I’ll lay here and this will be recording
on the Sierra it’s who knows it’s enough I’m gonna get
it these are the fuck-ups here we go I can do it okay
I got it I got this here we go boom just leave the whole
thing oh shit no go back is it good yeah okay great you got it
alright so now that the base is lay we’re gonna check out what all that part
that we just hopefully we didn’t okay okay so now that we got that I think we
should my Hendrix guitar I’m gonna put you in
here for the next like 1 2 3 4 so they like this barely t.t is like those do
come in house do you want to do more guitar like someone else I mean I kind
of just like the idea of bringing back the guitar and then letting the guitar
because like I want to slowly deconstruct it you know to come but like
the feedback in the guitar is like I think not like going full soul unless
you feel like it but I think yeah just making some like weird space like good
noise for sure and once we get it going once we get a pretty good structure of
what the song is sounding like so far we’re gonna go back to the beginning
we’re gonna let you guys hear how it builds and deconstruct at the end so
yeah we’re just gonna do but obviously we gotta get it close to that thing
first we can’t just just go to the beginning now and like here’s what it’s
going tonight we want to get it to the end
and get like a basic idea of what the song is gonna be like what the remix is
gonna have in like and then we’ll go to the beginning BAM show you what they in
fact you know beginning middle end type shit we don’t have an end so I’m gonna
show you the whole thing right but once again if you’re just tuning in this is
red bull remix lab live but your boy t-pain aka DJ teeth and eyes chilling
would hear me high and we’re remix in her new joints notice me
slimming Hendricks Ryan on the guitar we’ve all been putting in parts of this
weary mixing the song right now we’re gonna ask you guys how you want it to
happen but also if you’re just tuning in kind of late to the debate situation
numbers age negative though also follow me ha rol on twitch right now she just
made our account flood that motherfucker everybody go to her account throw up the
ones and also when we get done with the track then when we are done with doing
what we’re doing we’re not going anywhere
Mihai myself are gonna chill on chat and we’re gonna talk to you about the
fuckers for some reason I don’t know because we obviously love you but we
also want to go sleep so oh noes you told me I’m sorry I’m rambling let me
shut the fuck up for a second so slimming hitters can do its goddamn
thing put the camera I’m Ryan and let’s get
this shit moving down you should really just start twisting no
matter what you do it’s gonna go crazy you plug into the SP and then I’m gonna
make a little outro for this week Melissa yeah great so we’re still
constructing the track we got a little bit of time left and we are gonna finish
this thing way before we said we’re going to that’s just me talking I don’t
know if we actually can but still would be nice are we gonna though we’re pretty
cool we’re really close to being to having a great idea where this is going
so also once again twitch.tv slash t-pain
you guys obviously you know take my snap to twitch.tv slash me huh IRL follow
that motherfucking page because shits gonna get I can’t see what the quick
brown fox jumps over the lazy dog go I just want them to type in the quick
brown frog jump oh yeah there’s a rogue W in there his eye was pretty good not
gonna lie that was pretty good you did it yeah so we’re going from the
guitar into the SB triple five I’m going to twist nice shits gonna get weird I’m
gonna fuck with that wait do we have do we have the D up obviously all about the
D it’s like a theremin on bad sterile oh I’m gonna get distracted by the DS don’t
get distracted by the D that’s the words that’s the downfall everybody get
distracted by the Dean oh man empires I’ve been extraordinary so you won’t even have our you know how
when you’re on your production ship and you go into you know you’re going all
your stuff and all your regular sounds there’s nothing II go through some stuff
you like who the fuck would even need this sound on anything here we go right
here this is where shit gets dope it cuz you would hear that she comes out dope
like this I’ll do that a lot I’m always like what movie let me just like just hit like a chord
and then we can fuck it up and help me they up thought it would be like Professor knows everybody
professionals yeah so you get the big bucks yeah the way you get the big bucks
okay all right last shot do not miss your chance to blow we got two minutes
ready I’m spaghetti here we go we’re doing it like the ending nice that’s what you
wanted it right there that’s what’s gonna make it do it one last look so we pretty much got where we
wanted to go when we get a couple more solid idea where we’re trying to go into
first place so once you get the idea down Nina you pretty much start fucking
with shit it’s gonna turn into something else it’s gonna turn into something you
love work on things don’t be afraid to work on things for more than one day
we’re gonna shit for four or five days a week two weeks two months it doesn’t
matter it’s a David Banner three months to mix one hour it took me and Kanye
five sessions to work on a good life Thanks there we have got a lot of work says you but that
could be fun got a lot of work to do so Chad said
they want her to hit they won’t air to play this an electric foreign yeah if
you want her to play this electric board to get the boys we’re there already okay well you know it has some like
working that’s some works is you got some work there’s a lot of really cool
ideas right there’s a lot of good stuff in the direction is amazing everything
we do like once like properly you know cleaned up in a range sight and
guys don’t be afraid to take shit out of one song and use it for another thing
like for one thing but it’ll work with something else you working on later I
mean yeah let me ask you how do you feel about this experience and what do you
think about the remix itself um I think that the remix itself is really cool I
kind of took a different direction the night isn’t that I planned for like you
know a little black book I have a little black book of oh no you know things not
to forget because I again I’ve never I’ve never been produced in front of
anybody before except for like me and Ryan and manager so yeah it was a little
bit nervous but this is really cool and really fun and I think yeah I have a lot
of inspiration not just like go back and it’s cool that the kids want to actually
hear it like in a final form super nice we got to say what you gotta say to the
switches oh my switches out there you


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