Miller T94 Series Welding Helmets with ClearLight Lens Technology

Miller offers a wide portfolio of
welding helmets. The T94™ series features two models: the T94™ with an
external grind button, and the T94i™ with an integrated grind shield. Both models
focus on comfort and visibility so that welders want to wear the helmets all day.
From a comfort standpoint, we took as much weight out of the helmet as we
could but more importantly we shifted the weight to the back of the helmet as
much as possible. This reduces the amount of strain on a welders neck because
instead of the weight hanging off the front of the face, it’s sitting over the
top of their head. This also features our newest headgear which has an enlarged
back pad so that there’s a secure fit. From a visibility standpoint both models
feature the side windows which are shade 5. Additionally it features ClearLight™ Lens Technology. ClearLight has two main benefits, the first being that is color
neutral so instead of a typical green or blue tint almost all colors on the
spectrum are coming through which allows more contrast and clarity when welding.
The second benefit of ClearLight™ would be the shade 3.0 light state this allows
a welder, even when they’re not welding, to have increased visibility so that
there’s reduced eyestrain. This allows welders to keep their helmets down
increasing productivity and safety.


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