Millie Bobby Brown believes that Earth is Flat

Do you think the planet is flat? *gasps* I was watching a conspiracy… Wait, I don’t know if that person is still watching this- ok, my frie- okay… I don’t know if somebody’s still watching this, but we were watching a conspiracy theory the other night, and, let me tell you we were watching… was it Shane Dawson? Answer my question if… Was it Shane Dawson? Yeah, okay, maybe it was. Yeah it was, yeah it definitely was. Shane Dawson Conspiracy the- it was Shane Dawson. I’m gonna have to check on my.. my um… Anyway, guys there are sooo many um… Facts that it’s flat! I mean think about it, like THINK ABOUT it like okay, I Guys you don’t even know you don’t even kn- I think I am a… what do they call it? Um… A flat- I think they call it a flat earther. Anyway. Are we riding say you never ever leave from beside me Uh, everybody’s saying the Earth is not flat. HOW do you know? Because did you know- oh no I’m not even gonna say it because I’m probably gonna be shut down on Instagram or something.


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