Minor Eye Conditions Service (MECS)

Hello, my name is Tomas Cudrnak, I’m an Ophthalmologist Consultant here at University Hospitals Plymouth. We are all
here excited and happy to introduce you to our new minor eye care condition
service. So the minor eye conditions service is a primary eye care, high quality
primary eye care which would allow you to be seen
by your local optometrist Your local optometrist will need to be accredited
specially to deliver the service the service will have all the safeguards
and quality assurances which are needed to provide fantastic, locally delivered, eye care. My name is Max Halford, I’m the chair of Devon Local Optical Committee and the minor
eye condition scheme is a scheme where patients can access high quality care on
the high street from accredited opticians practices. We’re very proud
with the service that’s launching it’s seven years or more in the making. Patients
will be able to contact their GP or NHS 111 or pop into minor
injuries unit and they’ll be directed towards their high street opticians, where
they will be looked after, treated advised or referred
as appropriate. So the main benefits for patients is the fact that It’s really the ease of access. The accredited opticians practices are on high street. Usually
they’ll be seen the same day The benefit for patient is they won’t
have the long waiting times that are associated with accident and emergency
departments. So there’s a range of conditions that we will be able to look after
in practice. Red eye, sore gritty eyes ingrowing eyelashes, minor foreign body
sensations; that’s when you think you’ve got something in the eye that
shouldn’t be there, sticky eye, if it’s just been for a couple of days we can
look after that for you as well. So the main thing is to contact the practices, the accredited practices, and they’ll be able to advise whether we can see you on the
minor eye conditions service or we will actually advise where else you
should be going. The minor eye care service scheme, will not only save patients travel to our busy University Plymouth Hospitals, Derriford site It will deliver more timely care and it will allow our hospital our Royal Eye Infirmary to deliver much better care to patients with serious eye conditions as well

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