Minority Report (4/9) Movie CLIP – Spider Robots (2002) HD

We lost one. Roger that.
Maybe it was a cat jumping
through a window or something. That’s an awful big cat. Fletcher. I’ll go check it out. They’re crying
their eyes out.
You terrified them! If you don’t want
your kids to know terror,
keep ’em away from me. Wait a minute.
The big cat’s back. What do you guys think,
a drunk maybe
who can’t wake up? Or some guy who doesn’t
wanna get read.
[ woman shouting ]Folks, please be quiet.
Close your doors.
Go back inside. [ scanner beeping ] Be quiet and close the door. [ groaning ] We got an I.D.
It’s not him. – Standing down.
– Let’s eat. [ crow on tape ]
anderton, wait!


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