Mission First Aid – Object in the Nose – Dr Sivaranjani’s Easy Health

Today we are going to discuss about what to do
when a foreign object gets into the nose. Mom something went into my nose, I think it is a
fly. Relax, Relax.. Sit here. Sit here. Relax. Relax. Its okay its okay. Relax. Relax. Which side has
it gone in? Its gone in this side Okay just close your nose. Just press it here.
Blow it out. Its not very uncommon that kids put something up
their nose. A thermocol ball. A Peanut. A food particle. Anything that comes in their hands, they may keep
up their nose. So in that situation we should not panic. If it is a child who can understand what you are
saying then just ask the child to close one side
of the nose and blow the foreign body out. Doing that. If he is a child who can understand. If it is a child who is very small. Who can not understand. Please please stay calm.
Ask the child to be calm. Just lean the child forward a little bit and take
him to the hospital. So there, the doctors who are specialized in
removing the foreign bodies from the nose will
take it out. Remember always make sure the child is leaning
forward so that the foreign body has a better
chance of falling out on its own. Never ever try to remove it by yourself using
tweezers or forceps because accidentally you may actually injure the
nose and also by mistake you may actually push it
up and it may go into the wind pipe and cause much
more serious problems. Never try to remove it yourself. Please do reach
the child to the hospital. Even if it is an older child who managed to get
it out from the nose. Please do go to the hospital and ask the doctors
about the aftercare. Please subscribe to this channel and give this
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