Mommy Makeover (sooo cute)

wah wah wah, wah wah, what are you doing?,
we’re doing mommy’s make up challenge, so i’m letting adley do my make up, okay, oo
aw, blue, more blue, now do this, this, right there there you go, gotta big brush, now
this, sure, okay, let’s do, here you go mommy, paint your cheeks, you’re so pretty, thank
you, we’re, do a new one, that goes on this thing let’s do a new one, it’s pretty, what’s
this, where are you going to put that, mommy’s eyes, on my eyes?, yeah, now do this, okay,
now twist this, you’re going to put it there, okay, okay, we’re all done, you are pretty,
well thanks for doing my make up, mommy now do like a mirror, oo my gosh that is so pretty,
thank you, thank you, mommy now get up, thanks for watching, thanks for watching guys, i
wanna say hi to the make-up, thanks for watching, all of my make up, bye


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