Moree Ear Surgery

Uh, we’re gonna play this game called Moree Ear Surgery It’s uh classic classic! K, so she- pretty much, her ear is big enough to, uh have Sexual Relations with which is good I mean, it’s fiiine– except for that Snip Snip– aoughf Yea a little blood squirts out but that’s fine You got caterpillars in your ears It happens That’s why we’re here Just gotta get the blood stains off your giant ear hole This ear hole has been extremely used You know when your ear hole is this big, lots of stuff gets in there Lots, lots of… stuff… In-ject, you uh.. eeeguhh Save that for later Slrrrp Slrp K, there’s that And then uh whah what? K Shine some light on it and then.. they die instantly Uh.. k Recycle ’em! This is what your waterbottles are made out of Wa! Her ear’s perfectly clean! What the Heck

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