Mudra For ear Pain By bhupesh Srivastava

Hello friends. Today I will tell you such a mudra, which is very beneficial in ear diseases. See sometimes in our ears, it pains dreadfully. And its not too little. It’s night time. Can’t go to the doctor also. We do not even have medicine. So the mudra that I am going to teach you will help you in ear diseases. It will be very beneficial. In this what you need to do is Join the ring finger to the upper part of your thumb. You have to join ring finger to the upper part of the thumb. And keep it on the knees like this. This mudra’s name is ‘aakash mudra.’ Aakash mudra By this pain of ears, deafness of ears gets away. Heart gets power. It is very effective in thyroid. And along with it do another mudra also. Do this for 15 minutes. And what you have to do for another 15 minutes? You have to press this ring finger and put the thumb over it like this. And keep the other three finger straight. Press the ring finger and place the thumb over it and keep the other 3 fingers straight. This is called as ‘ shunya mudra’. shunya mudra. Very effective in all the ear diseases. It is very effective. And plus you will feel emptiness in certain body parts. Numbness happens. like that part has become numb. So it is very beneficial in that. Do these two mudras for sure. And when disease gets over, stop doing them. They have no side effect. In these you have to spend no money. This is totally free. Do it for sure and see. And do any one meditation from my website. Thank you very much friends.

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