My Amazing Keratoconus Story Part 1: My Keratoconus Journey

I have keratoconus. So it’s like my cornea
is thin so it makes things like harder to see. And I’ve worn
glasses, literally, for as long as I can
remember, like middle school. Like I had problems seeing. So like I don’t remember
actually like the last time I was able to see like
this with this lens. I don’t– I don’t know how
to like put it into words. It’s like a lot. So we were told
that like an option would be to get like Intacs
and like others like, um– and all this other stuff. But first we had
to get a consult. He was like, yeah, you can
get fitted for the contact. Then we came to Dr. Azman. And he was just
like, yeah, I know, like you’ll be able to
see well and everything. And I was like– as much as I wanted
to like hold out hope, I just felt a little skeptical,
because this is something that I’ve just gone
through for so long. I was just like, oh, you
know, whatever happens, happens as long as it’s just
marginally better than what it is. I’m like this is so much
better than marginally. So like I like put them in. And she was like, oh,
you have to leave them in for 20 minutes. I’m like you’re not going to– I’m not going to complain. You don’t want to take them out. I really don’t. The glasses could
only do so much because like the problem is
actually like with my cornea, so like they could– it would
like help make things less blurry, but this is so much
better than my glasses, way better.

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