My Dwarf Hamster Died

When I was in fourth grade I really wanted to get a pet that wasn’t a fish. So we went to the pet store and got a Chinese
Dwarf hamster and we named her Pickles. Now I was really really excited because this
is my first actual pet. And, pickles is actually really calm,
so I would spend days with her just sitting on the couch and just having fun. She didn’t really run on the wheel but I was
fine with that. She was so sweet and I loved her so much. She was like my best friend. Every day I would just spend with
her yeah just took her everywhere. One day she bit me for the first time
and I was kind of surprised so I put her in her cage and I waited for her to calm down. Now, that day was the first day she ran on the wheel
and I was really excited and I was so surprised and I was
like oh you bit me but that’s okay you’re gonna run on the wheel you’re
great. So I went to bed I went to woke up
my mom called me some downstairs and she said, “Bella I think your hamsters dead.” I was shocked I didn’t know what was
happening so I ran downstairs and I saw her she wasn’t dead she was just having
trouble breathing we think that she fell on her back when she was climbing up the
cage walls because she was really really rowdie that night. I picked her up and I held her
in my hand and just kind of breathe when she breathed. I, we just kind of breathe simultaneously. We did that for a couple minutes and then she just stopped breathing. I was just kind of
shocked and like paralyzed and know what to do. I put her back in the cage and I
just said mom pickles is dead and then that’s when it hit me and I just started
bawling it was bad. I laid down on the floor and just cried. So I went to school
did everyone try to trim me up but it just like it didn’t work and I just
cried. My friends we had a funeral they
all wrote notes for her. I had her in a box I read the notes what
everyone wrote and then we buried her. I was really upset it was really sad for
me. Then, it’s not like we were replacing her but we got a new hamster named Buttercup. But even after like three or four years
I still miss her.


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