My Skin Condition and Me: Eczema

Hi my name is Jo and I suffer from
eczema I’ve probably had eczema for much of my
life and it tends to ebb and flow so whenever I’ve had a stressful period in
my life the eczema is generally flared up as a result of that. On an average day
if I do have eczema, it can itch It can be quite sore and red, but if I’m not in a period of eczema then my skin is just generally quite dry. On a
very bad day my skin can often crack and split and sometimes in the past
it has weeped as well. I remember doing my a levels had quite a bad bout of
eczema behind my ear and then my ear split and it was just incredibly painful
incredibly itchy and I just felt like it was never going to end really In the past eczema has made me feel
quite self-conscious I’ve had it on my face before which has probably been the
worst part and whereby no amount of makeup will cover it and if the makeup
is on top of the skin when it’s in a flare then it ends up making it worse
anyway so it’s almost a little bit of a false economy really. The most eczema has
affected my confidence I can think of two occasions and once when I was doing
my my finals I was studying and I had a huge patch of eczema around my mouth and
you end up talking but covering your face with your hand just so that people
aren’t staring and I think the other time after having my eldest child my
hand became very inflamed with eczema and started to crack and in my my career
I have to shake a lot of people’s hands so putting your hand out when your hand
doesn’t look very attractive and can make you very self aware I think day to day eczema affects my
life and if I’m having a flare-up I’m just more self-conscious and I think
sometimes if it’s visible and then you just become more self-conscious
generally. I think when eczema is quite bad and it’s usually a number of reasons
usually stress-related if I’m around other people and I start to feel the
itch and I start to scratch obviously people are aware of you do in that and
just naturally naturally look but then of course once you start scratching it’s
very difficult to stop so you become a little bit self-conscious about how you’re
behaving and your movements really I can recall a time when my eldest son
commented on my hand and I’d had my second child and the skin from my thumb
started to peel and quite a bit so the eczema was quite aggressive and angry very
red and the skin just kept peeling and peeling and peeling and he wanted to
know why mummy’s thumb was falling off so as innocent as he meant it and it
made me feel very self-conscious in the past in terms of skincare regimes
I have used steroid creams which haven’t worked what I have found to work really
well is creams that are really rich in moisture and that are quite light in
weight. The QV products that have used in the past have been QV Cream
and it’s very lightweight and as a daily moisturiser it really helps but the
product that I absolutely swear by is the Intensive Ointment so I’m a great
believer in putting moisture back into the skin and when I’ve used that in the
past both on myself and my two young boys and the difference that it’s made
has been brilliant. At the moment I manage my skin condition by making sure
that I apply sunscreen, making sure that I apply a moisturiser and trying not to
put my hands too much in water with children it’s incredibly difficult to do
that because your hands are constantly in water and but really just trying to
be aware and recognising when a flare-up is about to happen so that I can preempt
that and then and reach for the intensive ointments and creams really. If
my skin condition flares up, I think it just it really niggles me it bothers
me and it’s constantly present you either see it all the time if
it’s on your hands or you’re constantly aware of it I think I felt confident in my skin when
I’ve had a bout of of eczema and then that eczema has cleared up because the
difference that you feel when you’re not hiding or trying to conceal something
with makeup and when it does decide to subside and you do have a renewed sense
of confidence with that. I think the one piece of advice I would give to somebody
who wants to feel confident in their skin would be that beauty is more than
skin deep and that everything is for a reason and you’ve just got to help
manage whatever it is that you’re dealing with in the right way, but
accept that you as a person are far more important then than what
everybody else might see on the surface

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