My Skin Condition and Me: Self Esteem

My confidence was really affected back
not long after I was working as a makeup artist and that’s before lupus was
diagnosed. I had the butterfly rash on the face which just came up out of
nowhere and it was literally right across the nose and across the cheeks no
makeup would cover it I was having to work in the industry with this rash that
looked horrific my skin was hot and people were just I felt like people were
staring at me I didn’t I just it was horrific. The most like poignant
thing that I remember is I was really upset with it one day and my mum wanted to cheer me up and she was like oh we’ll go shopping and we’ll we’ll have a nice
day and she wanted to buy me some clothes and I don’t actually remember
saying this to her but she always brings up now and I think I said something like
I didn’t deserve to wear nice clothes because because of my skin. In the past eczema has made me feel quite self-conscious. I’ve had it on my
face before which is probably been the worst part and whereby no amount of
makeup will cover it and if the makeup is on top of the skin and when it’s when
it’s in a flare then it ends up making it worse anyway so it’s almost a little
bit of a false economy really so it can make you feel very self-conscious Just even today is the first time I’ve worn make up in about a year it’s really a good feeling

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