now out on the week I said doesn’t do a more sort of serious video for this week’s Sunday special and which a lot of you are very very worried don’t worry it’s not actually that bad you probably tell from the feminine title I’m going to talk about and hopefully it’s gonna help a lot of you hopefully a lot of you relieved because some of you including my dad we’re expecting the worst they didn’t know what was going on but don’t worry it’s all good it’s fine I’m fine I’m happy very happy in fact and one person even tweet me saying don’t forget to start with a sigh which is which is very true I feel like these kind of videos youtubers always start with a big sigh of relief so without further ado so today’s video is very different it’s gonna be a long one I’m not talking about men but why am I talking skin in this video now this has actually been a video that I’ve wanted to make for a long time but I don’t know I don’t know why I’ve never made it before in the past I’ve always seen my channel always seen this channel thatcherjoe as a place where people come to enjoy themselves and hopefully to have a laugh that’s the aim every video I do is to try make you laugh so I mean I’m still gonna try in this video regardless of how long it is and how serious the matter is I’m still gonna try for a few jokes in there probably at my own expense to try and line up cuz it after all it is you know it’s me it’s Joe sugg I don’t I don’t be too serious we’re going to talk about skin it’s the biggest organ in the but no it was what in the body is it is it technically in the body and outside the box that it’s our shell our skin is our shell and I’m pretty sure about 98% of us would all agree we don’t have perfect skin it’s very very rare to have perfect skin I for one definitely don’t have perfect skin I never have what that’s a lie going back to my early days I did have I’ve always had really nice skin until the last sort of I guess I’m a five five how am I now yeah about five years now bear with me on this video cuz I don’t really know how I’m gonna structure it it could be all over the place but at the moment I’m very very very comfortable with how my skin looks I never had been on YouTube until pretty much this point and this is that we’ll the first believe it or not folks there’s me a lot of fun faster in this video right and this is fun fact number one I’d say about since halfway through 2017 so now is the only time where I’ve not used makeup for a video fun fact they didn’t know that I’ve actually a blob you may do if you’re into your makeup you mean you may know other than vlogs like these kind of videos on this channel I have been known to have dabbled a bit of the bloom the wand concealer I’ve used that for most my videos to high blemishes and essentially acne for the last three years of my youtube career it’s true I what’s call it spots for like the whole time though is spots alright it’s not acne at spot eight-balls acne i I have had acne and I’m sure like a majority of you watching this video will also have had acne during your life or were experienced acne during your life it’s a weird video to make action because I don’t know I don’t mean officer I can’t see while watching me all I look at right now is a camera and a lens so I don’t know like really I’m looking tough like meet-and-greets and stuff and get gist of who my audience are but there’s a lot more people watching me then I have a meet and greets and stuff so I don’t know what you guys look like I don’t know what like what state your skin is in but hopefully this video will help and if it doesn’t help now and you’re watching this thing you know I want to laugh in this video Joe come on we playing at maybe one day this video be relevant to you in the future so first of all I’m gonna talk about the history of my skin and what I’ve been through is very much a very meanie me kind of video just realised sorry about this you know think about my life in detail but I’ll get to more hoping more interesting stuff later on I don’t know going back as far as I can remember as a kid obviously kids you’ve always got great skin I don’t think many kids have born with acne or spots it comes off seat your teenage years if you didn’t already I was a very very late bloomer this it’s a little embarrassing to say but then it shouldn’t be it shouldn’t be embarrassing to say I I hit puberty very late I think I’ve lit few owners come out of it I don’t know but I remember being in school I remember all the rest of boys were growing massively not let’s play rugby right ice play rugby with everyone else they all grew up massive wider hairier I stayed a tiny little boy I would even go as far to say I probably started puberty around 16 years old which i think is quite late and I vividly remember being in drama class right so I was in year 9 at school and the girls used to always come up to me and Stroke my cheeks because I had the softest cheeks I also got the softest cheeks is to sit there in dramas rubbing my cheeks like this thinking about it’s probably their fault like back in the first place they were rubbing their grubby fingers all over my face anyway I was I I had very very soft nice it sounds weird baby’s bum like skin keys say that nowadays and I was like great this is perfect you know I’m getting a girl’s attention they think I’m cute which I realize now was not like your hot kind of cute because I didn’t even hit puberty I was like you’re just cute cute and luckily I grew up through school and my skin was was fine then at the age of 16 I finished school and it was still fine but I do remember as I was finishing school I used to get tiny little spots just around like this part of my nose and that was the only place I’d get them as a white I remember saying to my mum that why do I get spots just around my nose and I’d sure obviously like you watched these television adverts of things I liked the people the brushes they rub on their face and always kind of stuff I tried it and it doesn’t work those kind of stuff for me like being in the position that I’ve been in and being what I’ve been through I look at these kind of products and to me those don’t work they do they do not work they didn’t work for my skin and everything everyone’s skin is different so for some people I don’t wanna name brands names because you know I don’t want to from under the bus or anything but there’s certain brands that I know a lot of kids in my school used to sort of help with their skin and it worked perfectly for them like it clear desc it up within like days and they swear by these like sort of the sort of things you can buy in like boots and Superdrug whereas for me it didn’t work for my nose my little nose spots and I didn’t know what to do I tried everything I tried I think at one point I even use like nappy rash cream and toothpaste to put on them and you go on the internet and Google how to get rid of spots and stuff and there’s there’s so many different things that work for from people must think our skin is all different and for me I thought you know what it’s not the end of the world I can kind of you know this is not in the world I carried on I was a bit self-conscious about them I’m not gonna lie but it was it was manageable I was very lucky by the end of school had a very solid group of mates around me the thinking back to it no one ever noticed it but me I was the only one that really noticed it if I buoyed up in conversation they would be like oh I didn’t realize yeah I didn’t didn’t even notice this day I still don’t know whether they were doing that just to make me feel better I think part of your brain is like you’re always very self-conscious about everything if something wrong with your body or so it looks different you automatically assume that everyone else is feeling exactly how you feel about yourself about you so that makes sense which is it which isn’t the case you know whatever eyes now is that everyone’s got their own lives like human beings naturally have an instinct to care about themselves more so than everyone else it’d be nice if that wasn’t like that and everyone sort of care about each other a lot more but I think it was human nature that you know you look after number one first and you’re you’re conscious of number one before anyone else so I had the no spots manageable but I was conscious about it a little bit of too self-conscious about it but it was it was manageable I was fine they don’t into sixth form and from what I can remember it still was just note that this little these little pimples around my nose so I just run corners of my nose there throughout most of my sixth-form days so bear in mind I was 1718 at this point and it was starting to getting a little bit worse I remember getting a few on the cheeks here and a few in my life maybe let my eyebrow area light here what’s another thing is the t-zone so I imagine tea in your face like this your forehead down here past your nose and around your mouth kind of area there’s any skin experts watching this video right now they probably like shouting or cringing at the screen right now because I’m actually touched my face which you probably shouldn’t do if you’ve got temperamental skin like I have as I was 18 I had every now and then have a few little pimples pop up but it once again it was very manageable no one noticed it was very easy to cover I was very lucky to have my sister at the time who also was going stash had been through puberty knew about the old spot and knew how exactly how to cover it because if you didn’t already she’s she quite handy with the old makeup any sort of like party or thing that I was going to i’d always sometimes asked her if I could borrow a little bit of I’d say so if you do my face and before making this video I decide to go from my facebook and check to see if I could find exactly I wanted to try and pinpoint the exact moment where you could see my face stud get FRA proper acne and I scroll through Facebook and I couldn’t find any evidence of the start of acne on Facebook but I’ll get onto that a bit more later on because after I finished six form I then started work full-time as a roof thatching office it’s a part of your life where it’s a little bit daunting now from the age of like four till 18 you’re you sort of know what you’re doing it’s like this education you’re you know day in day out that you’re going to school cm8 learn go home again it’s such a routine and then going from that to then working full time and a different job like a new job it was quite a daunting time which I think I feel like it may have brought on a little bit of stress I don’t know maybe if it is underlying stress so I love my job but it was a sudden change in my life which is a little bit unsettling I think and that made it get a little bit worse remember when I started my full-time job as a roof Thatcher that I used to get them on my back and my chest and I was working outside all the time I was sweating I was wearing sounds me bad I was wearing the same clothes a lot which once again skin experts you know you don’t that’s a big no-no change your bed sheets change your clothes wash your clothes well that kind of stuff I was wearing the same stuff a lot of time I’m having a conversation my dad’s saying like you know did you get acne when you young Gorge among acne and my parents both didn’t get it so uh we were all collectively as like a family just assumed that it was me being a grubby little tyke not changing my clothes and sweating a lot in like so getting in getting back into sweaty clothes it might be a skin reaction to the straw that I was using I was you know I was working with the raw material and I was you know I was working hard and I just assumed that that was why it was I remember actually took a break from roof thatching to go travelling for three months and my skin did clear up a lot on those on those three months but now thinking back to it I kind of think it might have been because of two reasons one my stress levels were a lot less I was doing fun stuff with my two best mates every day were travelling experiencing new things dopamine the brain was at all-time high serotonin or what kind of stuff you know I was I was living life to the full and I was excited to wake up and get on the day and do new things and number two the Sun the Sun for me has always been a bit of a savior once again skin experts will say yes it does help but it’s not a savior Joe it’s actually bad for you you know it’s not good in the long run you’ll get leathery skin but for me it was a it was a catch-22 you know like it was a temporary fix my skin I’ll go out in the Sun and just being the Sun it just clears my skip immensely especially from by the sea from by the sea and Sun it completely clears up and it’s good a lot of you watching at home may also agree with that and you know notice that it helps you a lot as well unless you’re from a very cold country if not you know book a vacay getting that Sun and then I came back from traveling back into the grind of roof thatching I did it for a couple more years started Yuja besides a hobby and that’s when it started to get a lot worse I think it’s because I was working five days a week on the roof in all weather conditions you know still in my stinky sweat clothes and then I was getting back and I was in my in my spare time I was crying obviously videos for YouTube and you’ll be able to see and like some of my early videos like the start of the acne happening it’s gonna hopefully make a load of you go back and like scour through my old videos to try and find footage of me with bad skin they are there go ahead go and watch gonna watch my whole back catalogue that’d be good that’d be good for the older I get a feel of use but anyway yeah so you’ll see in these early videos that it was getting worse and worse and it was a weird time for me because YouTube was starting to get bigger and bigger obviously you know the I gained subscribers very very quickly through my sister and the people that she was hanging out with like Alfie Marcus Jim and Tania Casper it was a very weird time of my life because I was still working five days a week on the roof and then it and then also YouTube became like that instant pressure all came from YouTube it was like I need to get a video up for Sunday I knees do a video for Sunday actually most of my friends including my friends from home and my YouTube friends they’d all been through it before and I never knew this I’m sure he won’t mind me saying but like people are only white like he was also in the same boat when he was younger people at Casper customers on the same boat when he was younger like and I never knew this and I’d be like I’m my skin’s really bad I don’t feel like going out my skin’s really bad I was kind of stuff and they were like they complete understood and they said you know I’ve been with exact same thing as you annoyingly though for a lot earlier and it had gone it was so frustrating that this was all happening at this time of my life and one question I think a lot you may be thinking right now is Joe why did you not go to the doctors and get treatment for it now the answer to that is I did now back in the thatching days it was started when it’s time to actually get bad I was like I need to do something about this now as a youtuber I was thinking I don’t have bad skin on camera that’s not gonna what the girls aren’t gonna fancy me into like I won’t feel comfortable putting a video out where I can see like that’s where the reasons I think why never watch back my old videos second fun fact second fun fact for you right I would never put a video out that’s it I never watch it back soon that beers going out I will pretend to watch your back so I can do the old Instagram story swipe up thing but I never every video I pout I’ve never watched again afterwards vlogs I do but for some reason these videos on this channel I never once they’re gone they’re gone that’s it they’re in the past forget about it and I think an underlying reason for that is I used to hate watching back videos of myself because the only thing I’d take away from at video the only thing I’d actually focus on in that video was my my forehead and like my t-zone my t-zone was it was all over the shop and I’ll see I checked for the comments and I was so scared check the comments I wouldn’t like to look for the comments straight away and look for like certain words about all your skin I can take a makeup and there were those comments and there’s one thing like comments I’ve never got to me like even about my skin it didn’t bother me that much so be like well yeah I can wear a makeup but it was always that like for me personally watching back looking at that looking at my face I couldn’t concentrate on the video I wouldn’t watch it back enjoy the video I’d watch back and think oh yeah you can still kind of tell about acne gross so going back to medication during the thatching days when it starts get bad I decided I was actually once again very lucky my uncle had me on his health care thing I was part of the businesses health care which means I could get private health care which was great I went to go and see a doctor in bath a lovely hospital called the circle it was like it’s like walking someone’s house it was like beautiful and a grand piano it was lovely and there’s me walking in Swati faced with my work boots on I’m a sweaty t-shirt on and I’m gonna see a doctor he looks my face and we wait up the options together but remember back then the doctor said you know we’ve got there’s multiple drugs we can put you on but the main one obviously is Roaccutane now I know it’ll be like oh I know I’ve heard this one I’ve heard this one I’ve seen it in on the news I think is right with racket ain it’s got a very big stigma around it is that right word to use stigma it’s got very like bad press I’ve got some research here they’ve printed off shoot the drug that transformed Megan’s skin B band experts think it’s a wonder cure but it’s been linked to depression and suicidal thoughts Rock attain is highly effective acne treatment and its use is soaring its side effects include dry skin and a risk to unborn babies but recent high-profile cases have highlighted a far more serious consequence while it’s unusual the drug can cause depression and suicidal thoughts some parents bring the drug on the suicides of their children and there’s loads there’s loads of articles about this drug leading to suicidal thoughts suicide this would make up see terrified me I was like you know I put videos of myself on the Internet it’s kind of scary I’m worried that if I’m on rocket Ain you know the comments gonna start getting more and I was always really worried that it would it would affect my mental health so rocket ain how it works it works by shutting down your skin’s oil production so you know your skin it produces oil oh and sebum is it good sebum it’s not that I can’t member racketing is an anti-inflammatory drug that attacks the stomach glands in the skin and reduces their oil production it also helps reduce the number of bacteria that live in the skin the combined effect of reduced natural oil production reduced number of acne causing bacteria and reduced information all helped prevent acne flare-ups Thank You dr. Leonard for that explanation so in a nutshell rocket Ain is like an atom bomb hitting your skin it’s like it’s that it’s the granddaddy of all drugs to help your skin and even now a lot of you watching this will think you think your skin was bad Joe look at mine like I know a lot of you out there will probably have way worse acting than I had luckily touch would touch would my acne was never like really bad it was never what stay cool when it’s like coming out like it was never like really bumpy and like some people have like really really bad acne and it was never that level and myself I’m the doctor kind of agreed on that but I started start from the smaller drugs which I took for ages and did nothing it didn’t do anything and I just kept taking them and taking them and taking them even from when I was doing with Casper are still taking these drugs these antibiotics I come up with a call at oxy trill of mice in or something like that it’s a long working with oh and it didn’t work and I never got told to get off the drugs I kept taking them and taking them until my body became immune to the antibiotics and it messed up my stomach so then I had to go on probiotics to just try and get some bacteria back in my body and then I remember like a year-and-a-half in Toulon with Casper I spoke to a lovely lady called Caroline hyerin’s who’s a skin expert I’ll put a link to her channel down below she came around and she she wrote down a long list of things I should try out which I did try and to be fair it did work it worked it worked massively it helped a lot and it really helped with me filming as well I felt like I was I could cover up my spots a lot easier remember had the special oil at night that you put on your face and that helped massively but it’s theorist didn’t go and I think a lot of that come down to my self-discipline you know I was it was very it’s very hard and I know a lot of you that are going through acne or any kind of skin any kind of skin problem like spots or acne that kind of thing it’s hard to stick to a proper routine but even now I go sometimes a long time that washing my face I know it’s bad but I do sometimes officer missed days where I don’t wash my face sometimes and I found this happened quite a lot like sometimes going out a night out and getting drunk and having no sleep actually made my skin look nicer the next day which obviously once again skin experts probably like tearing their Harrow right now for me it worked like so going out and drinking and that kind of thing the next thing my skin would look good at good my hair look better as well annoyingly I was almost like why can’t I look like that the night before he’s doing it the wrong way around I suppose look good before when I out and bad after night out not the other way around but anyway it happened and it was very very difficult especially the job that I had and you know the people I was hanging out with and still hanging out with it’s very hard to actually warm I blame my mates for not washing my face that can’t happen and the pictures that you see now on screen are the I think I’m a lowest point obviously can see that min the old the old Jasper household and I bet a lot of you watching this maybe not as many as I thought but anyway a lot of you probably watch this would never think my skin look like that that was me with everything off I just like treated it as well so I just washed my face with stuff so obviously it flared up and it was horrible it was it made me feel like like poo I I had I had no self-confidence at all like if anyone ever met me in a bar or night out you all noticed I’m actually very very quiet I would like to blame that on the skin like the thought of me going up to a girl and chatting to her when I had skin like that was like not even thinkable I would to have no confidence whatsoever thankfully I’m a lot better now and it’s you know it’s it’s not bad at all it’s fine but back then self-confidence levels were massively low and I didn’t want to film videos I didn’t want to do anything I just wanted to hang out with my mates and play fifa and just like live oh no I didn’t know what wants to do it was weird it was a weird time then go back maybe like a year two years ago I went to a private doctor now this is a key point because I was like you know what sorry it’s gone for too long I’m gonna splash them that YTM and go and see the best skin doctor in London which I did I thought sawed it you know and I went to see the skin doctor this best skin doctor in London it actually I went for a week where my screams actually very good I had nose acne my back no none on my front I went in there feeling like you know what is hopefully it’s gonna be some sort of resolution missus get is sorted it was a little bit you know what I went in then I was like okay was very live as did not I did not enjoy the entire experience I’m gonna set now I didn’t like I didn’t really like the guy he was very each seems like he it felt as if he didn’t even want to be there like look to me very quickly was like acne bracketing links like that to words and I was like okay well you know I’m giving you a lot of money can you at least sort of be nice to me and not let me feel like he said you know here we go go over there now and get a blood test come back with the results and we’ll put on racketing didn’t really explain I had to keep asking him questions being like what will happen and I said I kept trying to explain he was quite an old chap and I say like you know this is my job I’m on camera a lot of times I read stories about racketing saying they gets a lot worse before it gets better and I knew for a fact that I did not want to go back to how the skin was in these days I didn’t want to go for that again it was it was bad I couldn’t cover it up very well it was it was a horrible time I don’t go back to that I knew through rack attain it gets worse get better and he was like yeah we’ll do you know it’s all part of it so he gave my sheet go to the phlebotomist people that take your blood and I didn’t go I walked out I’ve got an uber and went home I thought it’s odd that I can’t do it oh I’m scared needles too I just if anything he made me more scared of rocketing than the articles I was going to New York the next day and I was like right when I come back from New York then I’ll do the blood test I didn’t want to rush into it Roth explained to me in detail about racket and all those side effects and that kind of thing and like reassure me he gave me like a booklet to read and I was like you can get this from anyone so another thing I learned fun fact number three private expensive health care is not always the way forward you know I didn’t have a great I didn’t have a great time I didn’t enjoy it I hadn’t much nice experience the other doctor although he was still private he was a lot cheaper and he was way nicer so I thought you know what I’m gonna go home read it talk my mom told my dad talk to Zoey talk to other youtubers about it and yeah get on with it and do and then make my decision in Worcester in New York came back from New York and decided to go against it around that sort of time another youtuber called Katie Snooks once gonna leave links to her channel down below she started rocketing and I was following her journey very closely like keep an eye on it thinking like okay I’m gonna see how it goes of her and it worked amazingly like she now has like amazing skin and she was actually like a documentary about it on BBC 3 and explained all about it and that really helped talking to her really helps about it and it made me have more faith in this really scary dangerous drug that you know as like terrible side effects especially as she was a youtuber as well seeing other youtubers go through it helped massively and made me think okay maybe I can do this and then over time like recently yeah it’s got a lot been to the point today where you know I’m now forming videos with no nothing on my face at all although my forehead is very shiny today and that’s because I’ve been on a holiday when it’s Africa so I’m tanned so I’m like properly like um moisturized up to the max over the last sort of I’d say half a year maybe even a year it’s just got better and better and better which I put down to probably definitely going out a lot less I don’t go out as much as I used to I’m drinking more water I’m actually sleeping better now which is good I went for a time like two years ago where my sleeping pad was all over the place but the main thing is I’m stressing a lot less I this this last year and like now my stress levels are like an all-time low but I’m really enjoying what I’m doing I’m enjoying like what I’m making I’m enjoying my friends they haven’t knowing me as much this year what else fun fact number three you know I speak I speak to a therapist which you know like that I’m fine don’t worry but I speak to her and it’s so nice to speak to someone who’s like trained in finding out how you are and like helping you become a like a better person who is kind of stuff and that’s helped massively and it’s yeah it’s been like a brutal like oh this this last half a year year is just got better and better and better and I think another point is the fact that you know maybe I’ve I’ve come at leader into puberty finally at the grand old age of 26 I’ve finally finished puberty I don’t know yep yep yeah def definitely definitely finish puberty so yeah that’s my story I didn’t think I’d be sharing it on YouTube but hey if this video helps any of you it’s been if you’re either one like my H cuz obviously people will assume that you get acne in the earlier stages of like puberty and that kind of thing from school if you’re my age like in your 20s like it happens you know it happens and you’ll be surprised as well like advice I’ll give to you I don’t use I don’t leave some fat to do advice if you’re my age you’re not alone you know if you get if you were watching us right now and you’ve got you’re like 26 if you’re gonna thirties and you go acne you’re not the only person that has it like there’s so many it’s like we’re almost common things that people get growing up bit of fluff don’t coming in my face anyone that speak to I say did you ever like to you about acne growing up that everyone says yes everyone yeah I had it when I was like 16 or yeah I had it oh yeah I had my last year it’s gone now though or yeah I had it I took rock attained it was fine or yeah I took it I took this drug I didn’t like it changed this drug everyone’s been through it but I feel like we all kind of keep it to ourselves a bit it’s quite obvious it’s quite a self-conscious thing you know it’s your face it’s the first and that people look at when they look at you it sounds weird but not everything is about you you know it’s not all about you people will live their own lives they’ve got their own problems but I totally understand that in the moment of it you feel like everyone’s gonna judge you on your face or everyone has to focus on you about you the thing that’s wrong with you where it’s not the case everyone’s got their own things going on in their lives that they care about more than you if you’re going from school you’re starting to get it you’re worried about it one check it runs in your family you know your parents there’s no better person to ask for advice on it then people that are like a link to you biologically talk with your family talk to your friends be open about it the more open you are about it the better you will feel I promise you the better your feel being open about it I feel like as well guys are watching who are like you know I’ve got this acting on my face I want to cover it up but you know I don’t want to go into a I don’t wanna go into a drug store and buy makeup to cover it up you know how embarrassing is that for me it’s difficult for me because I had a sister that helped if you’ve got a sister talk to her about it unless your sisters evil I’m sure she’ll help you out with it there’s no doubt my mind that she wouldn’t help you out or your mom was not that it’s it’s something we all go through if it is bullying that much the things are no stress drink lots of water exercise good sleep don’t stress like the main thing is stress I feel like it gets worse when you’re stressing about your skin it makes it worse and then lastly if it really is not improving from all those things speak to a doctor you know doctor there are so many different medicines now out there that can help thing is with rocket Aine for some people like Katie Snooks and like a lot of other youtubers have taken rocket Ain a lot of my friends I’ve taken rocket Ain it works it completely like changes their life it makes them so much happier so I’m by no means saying don’t take Rocket Ain I’m not saying take it I’m saying it’s the worst possible answer I guess but the balls in your court you decide whether you think it’s right for you or like me try the smaller less intense medicines first what’s the harm in it you know I guarantee in our next video you’ll see me with like the worst skin I’ve had a long time it’s gonna happen people set a new record today the longest thatcherjoe video ever and like I said before but then if I said it before but I wasn’t it put this out as a vlog because like I said this channel is all about having fun and being a place we can come and have a laugh this probably hasn’t happened this video but I wanted to put it on the child obviously gets the most gets out there more you know and I want I want people to see this because I want to help people if you’re watching this right now and you’re not happy with the skin you know the very least hopefully it’s helped a few of you you know it helped you feel like you know you’re not alone in this you’ll be amazed by how many people go through or going through skin problems like acne or spots on this kind of thing so you’re not alone ok yo fine now whilst watching this I’m currently in Dubai having the time where life but I’m gonna make a conscious effort to go through as many the comments as possible we’ve got any sort of questions about it or worries or anything like that hit me up in the comment section below and I’ll go through and I’ll try and reply to as many as possible now don’t hope you enjoy this video I just hope this video helps so this video has helped you at all give it a thumbs up if you know someone that this video might help please share with them and I will see you next week I’ll back with a really stupid video I played you like a child births in there or something who get amazing Sunday and yeah see you next week with another Sunday special Cheers goodbye Joe I might sigh after the video Robin to start and I work better right now yeah

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