Mysterious PENTAGON Video Shows UFO on the East Coast!

Hey guys, thanks for watching Beyond Science,
it’s Mike Chen. Among believers, it’s long been suspected
that UFO’s have been encountered by military aircraft, but of course, the powers that be
have remained silent about any evidence they might have collected. But that has all changed recently, when the
US military released a series of videos in the past several months. First, two unclassified clips in December
2017 showed a pilot’s surprise at seeing a mysterious aircraft accelerating rapidly
with no clear signs of propulsion. Then, in March 2018, a third video was declassified,
showing a mysterious encounter on the East Coast that was captured in 2015 during a routine
flight. The video was released to a research organization
dedicated to the “study of exotic science and technologies”, called “To the Stars
Academy of Arts and Science” on March 12th. In the video, a US Navy F/A-18 Hornet, fitted
with a high tech camera known as the “Raytheon Advanced Targeting Forward-Looking” sensor,
was flying at an altitude of 25,000 feet at a steady speed of Mach 0.61. And it recorded an oblong shaped object, at
an unknown distance, that was keeping pace with the jet. During the 33 second video, one of the pilots’
surprise can be heard as he tries to lock on to the object with the auto-tracking sensor. The object zooms across the image from right
to left three times before the camera moves fast enough to capture it. But the most important questions is -what
was it? The object was exhibiting some truly strange
behaviour- Not only was it travelling at such high speeds, but when viewing it through infra-red
modes, it registered as being extremely hot. Furthermore, the object has no signs of wings
or a tail, and no exhaust plume, which would normally be easily detected by the equipment
being used. This begs the question of what object could
be at that high of an altitude and showing these speeds and temperatures, without any
of the features one would expect from a modern aircraft design? The release of this video has understandably
piqued the interest of enthusiasts and re-ignited questions about how the US forces go about
investigating sightings of unidentified objects. Now, if you don’t know, Project Blue Book
was a program in the 1960’s that investigated reports from around the world, but it was
concluded in 1969 after having found no evidence of extraterrestrial threats. A similar program, known as the Advanced Aviation
Threat Identification Program, was run by the Pentagon between 2007 and 2012, at a cost
of $22 million, but it too, failed to find any conclusive evidence- despite releasing
two videos of an encounter off the West coast in 2004. The contractor that was hired to complete
this work, Bigelow Aerospace, stored a number of metal alloys from unidentified objects
in a warehouse in Las Vegas, where they remain un-categorised. Anecdotally, stories of mysterious sightings
are more common than you might think. For example, in 2004, while guarding the Nimitz
carrier battle group off the coast of San Diego, the USS Princeton detected a number
of unidentified aircrafts operating in the area over a span of 2 weeks. In some cases they descended from heights
of 60,000 feet to 50 feet at supersonic speeds, something no known aircraft can achieve. F-18’s were sent to intercept, but after
seeing them, and describing them as about 45 feet long and white, the objects sped off
so fast the jets could not pursue them. Many sightings are thought to be never reported
in an official capacity, because of fears of how these details would be interpreted
by superiors. This is of particular concern because such
technologies don’t necessarily have to be extra-terrestrial in origin, and could be
advanced aircraft being run by foreign militaries. To the Stars Academy, who originally received
this new video from the East Coast, is a privately funded organization that tries to fill this
gap by providing support to researchers looking at new fields and concepts. Officially, US forces do not have a program
currently running that looks into these sightings, but these recent videos suggest that this
might be an area we want to pay more attention to -and with an intelligence budget of $50
billion, it would definitely be feasible. What do you think? Are these mysterious objects from alien worlds, or do you think they all have Made In China stamped on them? Let me know you thoughts on this video, I’ll see you later!

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