Natural cures for your EAR INFECTION

Hi guys! Welcome to homeremedies1976! My
name is Stan and today we will be talking about ear infection and six home
remedies to get rid of it. The first home remedy for ear infection is “apple cider
vinegar”. Apple cider vinegar has been linked to many health benefits so it’s
no surprise that it can be used as an ear infection treatment. Put a few drops
in the ear at the first sign of trouble and let it sit for about a minute. After
that allow it to drain out. The next one is garlic. Garlic has antibiotic
properties so it is a perfect remedy for ear-ache caused by ear infection. Eat the
garlic and oil, allow the garlic to steep in the olive oil and release it’s
healing properties for two to four hours. This retains all the benefits of raw
garlic, plus olive oil is suithing to any inflammation in the ears. Carefully
filter out the garlic and put two to three drops of the olive oil into each
ear. Not only the ear the ear which is infected, so the ear which is not
infected gets protected because often the infection spreads to the other not
infected ear. Another home remedy is wiggling your ears. Ear pain often stems
from the eustachian tube which connects the inner ear to the throat and balances air
pressure around the eardrum. If this if this gets blocked by fluid it can
cause a pain similar to what we experience when changing altitudes.
Gently pulling your earlobe out and down can cause the tube to pop and provide earache relief. The next one is nasal irrigation. Earaches
often occur when the nose is blocked, preventing fluid from draining away from
the ears. Clearing the nose with a neti pot for
example can allow the ears to drain naturally. This may be one of the most
important things you can do to prevent and/or treat an ear infection because it
works to keep the nasal passages clear, it reduces bacteria in the nose and
throat and also keeps the eustachian tubes open. The next one is heat or cold
pack. A cold pack can help with the pain of an earache. Try wrapping ice in paper
towels or freezing a cold pack and then covering it with a light cloth. Hold this
to the ear and the area immediately under the ear for about 20 minutes. The
cold should not hurt you and you should never apply ice directly to your skin.
Some people find that heat offers greater relief than cold, and for others
alternating hot and cold packs provides the best pain relief. The last
home remedy for ear infection we will be talking about today is colloidal silver.
Colloidal silver is a natural microbial antibiotic made of minute silver
particles suspended in water. Colloidal silver essentially cuts off the oxygen
supply of infections, thereby making it very difficult for them to remain alive
or spread. You should only use two or three drops of
colloidal silver in the affected ear. Using colloidal silver in both ears will
help prevent the spread of the infection to the other ear, which often happens.
Retain the colloidal silver in the ear as long as possible but for at least 10
to 15 minutes before allowing it to drain out. When you buy colloidal silver
you should be very careful that you buy a good quality product. I had some
experiences with this myself and I’m not sponsored by them in any way, but I will
copy a link in the description for at least a company I know makes a good
quality product. Okay guys, we’ve reached the end of the video. If you liked this
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