Natural Treatment for Meniere’s Disease : Stop dizziness Naturally – VitaLife Show Episode 276

Welcome to the vitalife show I’m Doctor
Janine Bowring and today we’re talking about treating Meniere’s disease and we
have a great testimonial which I’m going to share at the end of this video and
what are the symptoms of manures. When the nerves have to do with the inner ear
and can cause dizziness and vertigo hearing loss as well as well as tinnitus
so that ringing in the ears and also a fullness feeling in the ear. Some of the
causes are believed to be a fluid buildup in the ears this could be caused
by an allergy it could be from a virus infection as well. Sometimes people with
migraines could also have this Meniere’s disease even if there’s head trauma so
if you’ve been in an accident or you’ve had a concussion this can cause the
symptoms as well. So some of the things to watch out for in the diet if you’re
having too much salt too much caffeine then this can be a problem so you want
to decrease those in the diet to help to treat this venires,
as well as msg so msg being that artificial flavor enhancer it’s often in
you know processed foods and soups and in that flavor enhancer that people add
to stews and things so this is something that you want to avoid especially if you
have these symptoms, and you know that we should have less than a thousand
milligrams of salt per day in the diet so that’s as a guideline. One of the
great herds that helps with Meniere’s disease is ginkgo, know ginkgo helps to
increase the oxygenation and those nutrients getting up to the brain helps
to increase the blood flow to the brain as well, and we actually have a
testimonial from one of our customers who use our product the memory and brain
booster I’m going to show it to you now that contains the ginkgo. So we actually
have a testimonial from Margaret which I’m going to share with you and she use
the memory and brain booster containing the gingko to help with her manures
disease and we’re going to read that to you now. So Margaret from Ontario said
that I have many years disease which affects a person’s balance and quality
of life, since this condition involves the head area
decided to try the memory and brain booster and I’ve only been using this
product for about three weeks and already have noticed an improvement. I
gave it five stars because I’ve had these positive results in such a short
amount of time. So thank you so much for your testimonial Margaret I’m so glad
that it’s working for you and the standard dosage on the formula is just
two capsules a day but you can certainly take more, so two capsules twice a day. We
just ask that you call us so call our 1844 get well number if you have
those questions about dosing and how to take our product. Also you can go to our website ask Doctor Bowring and they’re on you’ll see that
page and that’s where you can ask questions to myself and also to our
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