* Neck Pain * Helped by Gonstead Chiropractor

(soft music) – Show me where you’re
feeling the pain specifically so I can, – Right here. (laughs) – Okay. – And then I do this, it’s right here. – Okay just even that much pressure. So how much can you go bend forward? – I can bend forward. – You can bend forward? Okay, but you can’t bend back? – Yeah, back. Especially bad on the left side. – Just even there? – Right. Yeah, even here. – That’s barely past neutral. Okay. – Yeah. – And right when you do that, can you show me where it hurts? – Yeah. – So it’s through here. – It’s actually in the front now. – Okay. – So if I lift the head and bend, it’ll actually, this right here. If I turn and bend,
and then it’s the back. – Let me ask you, if you
just tilt your head this way, does that bother you? – Yes, it’s the same. – Right here? – Mhm. Lower. – Right here? – Actually, yeah it goes up (laughs) from, yeah. – Okay. Let’s go the other way. Does that bother you? – Today, it’s a little tight, but not, it’s not painful. – Okay. – Sometimes it’s just really, but today it’s not. – Got it. And how much range of motion? ‘Cause I’m looking at your directly now. Go turn your head to the left. – [Female patient] But it’s
only been four or five weeks. – Probably, yep. – That’s all you can do? – Mhm. – It’s like, 45 degrees or so. Okay. And then go to the right. Okay, yeah, you can go more to the right. That’s like, what 55 degrees maybe? – Yeah. – So left is a lot harder, right? – Mhm. – But it hurts still
when you go to that side? – Not today, not much today. But sometimes it does. – Left side, right now
it hurts though right? – Yep. – Okay, when you turn to the left, can you show me where it bothers you? – It’s the same, the
back, and it goes down. – Interesting, okay. I can already see the asymmetry over here. You’re definitely leaning off here. But more importantly over
here in your upper cervical, you feel like you’re
looking straight, right? – Right. – Okay, yeah. When we look from behind, it looks like it’s actually torqued. So you actually look like
you’re looking that way. – Mhm. – Even though you’re tryin’ to face ahead. Which typically means,
you’re upper cervical bones, over here, your atlas, is
actually turned this way. – Hm. – So we’re gonna do is actually a pre, like, turn that back over to the left and see how that actually does for you. When I actually push in, your whole neck is rotated,
so the musculature, it sinks in more on this
side than this side. (groans) – Maybe here. Hm, okay, you got a little
bit going on over here. So that’s all you can do, right? – Yep. – It starts locking. Okay. And then when you tilt this
way, it starts shooting down? – After I lean back. – You lean back? Okay. – Lean back and it starts shooting down. – Just relax, chin up just a little bit. A little bit more. (neck cracks) Good. Okay, we’re gonna do that
a little bit more, okay? (neck cracks) Good. Better? – Yep. – There’s more than 45 right now. – Yep. – Try to extend back just a little bit. – Straight? – Yeah. That’s more than it was before. How is that? – It still feels a little
bit, but not as bad. – Oh yeah, that’s way more than neutral. It’s a huge improvement on one day. – Okay. – So basically this is
becoming more flush over here. – Mhm. – You can feel the musculature
is more symmetrical, (laughs) after that versus just
really tight on here. (mumbles) Yeah, so I mean, I don’t
know if you can feel that? It’s much more loose on this side. – It’s definitely lot looser (mumbles) – Yeah, yeah. Which basically, we just
reposition that bone so that there’s symmetry down
into the musculature over here because there’s actually musculature that attaches over there. So when we reposition that
bone, this can loosen up. So there’s some changes
in here and basically, I’m able to do it more symmetrically, (laughs) versus tilting over to that side. That’s good. It continues for one visit,
but I wanna make sure it stays. That’s the key, right? – Yeah. – So that’s pretty much it. You feel a little sore, that’s normal. That’s especially why we wanna
make sure you keep it light. Good, good changes. – See you tomorrow. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. (soft music)

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