Neo-Traditional Ladies Tattoos: Elimination Challenge | Battle of the Sexes (Season 12)

– Artists,
this is your last chance to save yourself
from elimination, tattooing a neo-traditional
lady head. You have six hours to face off, and your time starts…now. – Get your stencil put on.
– Stand up. – Lady heads are a tough thing
for a lot of artists. There’s a style
that goes into them, making the eyes
a little bit bigger, exaggerating certain features. If these guys don’t hit
some of those tricks, it’s gonna be obvious, and the ugliest lady
is gonna lose. – That looks great.
– Yeah. – All right, good luck,
brother. – Thank you. ♪ ♪ – You did like a little
portrait of yourself. – No, it’s not me. Why is everybody saying that?
– It looks just like you. I choose to do
a Native American lady face, because it’s a subject matter
that I love, so, I’m hoping that it shows
in my tattoo. This is my artistry. All of you can [bleep] off
who say that I don’t have any. For Alexis
to drag me down there when I didn’t earn
my way there? I’m not thinking about anything
other than sending Alexis home. – They’ve awoken a fire in her.
– Yeah. She’s proving that
she wants to be here, so… – I’m impressed. ♪ ♪ – I picked Ash,
because I’m just like, “Shit, well,
I know I can beat her.” – Better not go wall to wall. – Oh my– Fon! – [laughs] I’m sorry.
– Slap you. I know she’s gonna resent me. I know my team’s
gonna resent me. And that sucks too. So now I’ve got that
on my shoulders as well. You know what I mean? – What are you guys saying
under your breath? I’m right here.
– No, I’m just– we’re commenting
on your lining technique. – I feel so much pressure
right now. I really,
really want to get out of this low place that I’m in. ♪ ♪ – Alexis chose
to do full frontal. It’s very aggressive.
It’s the hardest thing to do. – All that symmetry.
– Getting the symmetrical eyes. If you have one wonky eye,
you have, like– – I think it shows, like,
skill, like– – That’s what I’m saying.
If you do it well, yes. – There’s more room for error. ♪ ♪ – Three hours remaining. – Coming to look at what
you’re doing, man. – I think your lines look good, but you’ve got to go super,
super bright. Yeah, this is too dark. – I’m gonna sit over here
and play with this with the colored pencils
and, like, try and get you some ideas.
– Okay. So, the guys are suggesting
a color palette that will be brighter. I’m not used to bright colors. – So, here’s, like,
an idea where I was thinking, in the round,
you could add black, going into brown,
into yellow, and you could do red, and then everything breathes
from the front and it looks like
a light source. And it would be real nice. – Do you think so? – Come on.
Leave him alone, Pon. – Don’t overwhelm the dude with too many
freaking opinions. – There’s too many voices, and now I’m going
on a different direction. It’s crazy,
being told what to do. – Yeah. ♪ ♪ – Oh my God. I cannot believe
that it’s happening again. It’s really hard
to do the perfect lines when your canvas is kicking. – Somebody needs to tell Pony to put her canvas
in a more comfortable position. – She doesn’t look
very comfortable. – And she’s twitching
like crazy. – [exhales] – You’re gonna twitch more if you’re strained
than if you’re relaxed. – Giving her another pillow, especially under her leg,
is gonna keep her more stable. – If you put it,
like, under here, and then move that one down
a little bit. Yeah, that’s true. I moved to America
to make my dreams come true. I lived in a car, and I gave up
to see my family. I have to know that
this sacrifice is worth it. I’m not ready to go home. – She just needs to pick up
the [bleep] pace a little. ♪ ♪ Five, four, three, two, one. That’s it.
Machines down. Time is up.
No more ink. – Check her out. – Oh, yeah.
She’s a babe. – [laughs]
Cool. – All done.
– I love it. – Yay.
[laughs] – Look at that.
– I love it. – Well, I hope
I don’t go home tomorrow. The girls did some
really cool tricks… – Really cool, yes…
– And pretty nice faces. – But yours is
the brightest. – Are you feeling
good about this? – I don’t feel good
about anything anymore. Every time I feel good
about something, they [bleep] hate it. So I’m just like,
they’re gonna hate it and I’ll probably
go home for it. You and Ash,
I think you’re golden. – Yeah, but that’s even worse, because now I have to [bleep]
with that if I don’t go. – She’ll get over it. – You’re all done. ♪ ♪


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