New Shoes | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts Mickey

(THEME MUSIC PLAYING) (WHISTLING) Hey, it’s Mickey Mouse. Hi, Mickey. He is so helpful. Good afternoon, Mickey. I just wanted
to thank you for your courage
and ingenuity
on unclogging that horrible toilet
last week. Thanks.
Wow. You are leading
an amazing life,
Mick. Yeah! To walk in your shoes
if only for seven minutes… That would be sweet! Oh, shucks, fellas. Well, your lives are
just as amazing. (SPLATTERS) (GROWLING)
Well, that wasn’t
very nice. (BOTH GASP) Golly, what the… (IN GOOFY’S VOICE)
Whoa, Mick, I didn’t know
you could throw your voice. I know I can’t.
Who’s that? And that?
And that? (SCREAMING) Hold it, guys,
we’ve switched
places. This is what we were
talking about. Walking in each other’s shoes,
literally. Think of the whole new world
we can discover. I get to be Mickey. Perfect! I can’t wait for all the love
and the attention and gifts. Hey, Donald.
Check me out. Now, I’m you, with some fancy duds. Super handsome.
(WOLF WHISTLES) And I can make
my own breakfast! Come on, fellas,
I think we owe it
to ourselves to see how this goes. BOTH: You said it.
I sure love being tall.Things are so different
up here.(SOBBING) Mister, my kitty’s
all the way up in the tree. (MEOWS) Oh, hey.
I can help. That nice, tall man
saved your life.
(KISSES) (GASPS) Just think, now my help can reach
all new heights. (LAUGHS EXCITEDLY) MAN:♪ Top
WOMAN:♪ Top, top,MAN:♪ On top
WOMAN:♪ On top of the worldMAN:♪ I’m on top
WOMAN:♪ Top, topMAN:♪ On top
WOMAN:♪ On top of the worldMICKEY:
♪ I’m so happy
I could touch the sky♪ Tell me do you wanna know
the reason why♪ I’m tall, baby, tall, baby,
tall as a tree♪ Like a mountain,
Like a tower
Baby, look at me♪ I’m humongous,
I’m stupendous♪ I’m tremendous
The list is endless♪ I’m on top of the world♪ I’m on top of the world♪ I’m as high as I could be♪ Helping you is helping me♪ Baby, I’m on top
Don’t ever wanna stop, yeah♪ I’m on top of the world♪ I’m reaching up
to the highest places♪ Everywhere I look
there are smiling faces♪ I’m huge like a giant
Now I’m six-foot-seven♪ Like a mountain
Like a tower
Like a stairway to heavenHow could you
forget our lunch? I thought you said “Launch.”♪ Yeah!
I’m on the top of the world ♪BOTH: Yay! (GRUNTS) Can’t reach… (MUSIC SLOWS)
(PANTING) Whoa, just a bit winded. Well, have a nice day. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Okay, let’s put this
to the test. (CACKLES) Holy moly!
It’s Mickey Mouse! (ALL CHEERING) (TRUMPETING) (ALL CHEERING) Right this way,
Mr. Mouse. Your private table, sir. And please remember,
everything is on the house. Because you are
Mickey Mouse. (CHUCKLES) Thank you, Mickey Mouse. Ooh-wee! What better way
to kick off being Donald than flapping these hot wings
all the way to Potato Vallarta (SCREAMS) (THUDS) What? I can’t fly?
(SQUEAKING) Aw. Hi, little, guys. (BOTH LAUGH) (GRUNTING) Uncle Donald. (BUZZING) Where’s that dollar
I loaned you? I can’t live like this. Who gets stuck
with all the bad luck? No one but Donald Duck. (SIGHS) Home sweet home. (SIGHS) Who knew being tall
was so difficult. How does Goofy manage it?
I’m exhausted. I just want to slip into
something comfy and relax. Shorts are a little tight. My shoes don’t fit either.
Police! (SCREAMING) I can’t be Goofy. There he is. Thanks for saving my cat. And delivering my baby. ALL: And winning us
the trophy. MAN 1: You’re great.
MAN 2: Awesome! WOMAN:
You deserve a medal. MAN 3: You’re the king! (INDISTINCT CHATTER) (SIGHS)
MINNIE: Yoo-hoo. Surprise hug! You almost missed
our 10-minute anniversary. (KISSING) Let’s sing our 10-minute
anniversary song. (VOCALIZING)♪ It’s been 10 minutes♪ May as well have been
10 years♪ Listen with your ears♪ My heart belongs to you
(HEART THUMPING)♪ I’ll never let you go ♪(SCREAMS) No! I don’t wanna be Mickey Mouse. I got no control
over this goofy body. Why is everybody hating
on Donald? I think we’re done
walking in
each others shoes. Now, come on.
We got to find
a way out of this. (GROWLS) (IN NORMAL VOICE)
Well, that wasn’t
very nice. (LAUGHS)
Hey, what do you know?
It worked. ALL: We’re back. Uncle Donald. There’s that peeping Tom. Mickey! Where is that dollar


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