New Treatment For Red Eyes

those are so great to thank his father for his services absolutely you know there are a number of eye diseases that can cause red eye yeah but it’s not always a medical condition some people are just unlucky however you don’t have to live with it health reporter Haley Hernandez joining us now to talk about a treatment that can make your eyes glow again that’s right guys so if you are waking up and squeezing drops into your eyes trying to reduce redness chances are you already know it’s a vicious cycle but one new solution promises to make your eyes wider faster and longer Brunetta Anthony says with her eyes looking like this she couldn’t avoid the dreaded questions all the time they wondered if I was not getting enough sleep or if I was stressed out dr. Rowe pundit from Houston Methodist says there are a number of eye diseases that can cause red eyes or sometimes people are just unlucky and their eyes are red for no reason if you’re one of them he says this new over-the-counter drop should bring you relief so there are a lot of redness relievers over-the-counter some of them provide some allergy relief as well those have been around for years and they target a different receptor on the OP here he explains to bernetta how it works this one focuses more on the veins instead of the arteries so it constricts the veins it’s also gentler to your eye because it doesn’t do the real vigorous constriction that means other over-the-counter drops will work temporarily and then the redness could come back even worse the doctor says looma fie doesn’t cause that same redness rebound I did see immediately relief for Brunetta it’s taken her eyes from this to this almost instantly I didn’t really tell anyone that I was trying new trouts but they did notice immediately they want to know what did I do to get my eyes clear the doctor insists patients should have an eye exam to determine if they have healthy eyes before using these drops if your eyes are healthy and there’s nothing more going on we did watch the loom if I start to work in less than one minute bernetta says she only has to use these drops now once a day 1min yeah it was it happened really fast like right in front of our eyes that last image that you saw real that was oh yeah almost instantly isn’t that crazy so what’s the price point here so I actually looked online for these and I found that on target and Amazon online it was 1199 14 dollars at Walgreens and 20 dollars at Walmart Wow so it is over-the-counter which is good but the price point kind of varied quite a bit yeah for sure glad you found the deal for us though we appreciate it


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