New Years EVE MAKEUP LOOK| Acne Prone skin |oily skin|POC|dark skin|#glitter#thematic #happynewyear!

hey guys welcome back to my channel it’s
kid here in Happy New Year using the light tan shade in the James Charles
palette just for a base but mine is not beginning of jealousy Kinlan please do
not give it the life of my life here the life of Bolivia beloved me live veto but
mine is not big and of jealousy killing the life of me living here I’m just
gonna be blending out that burnt orange shade getting it blend it to where I
want it and guys just let you know I was not looking at him crazy he was asking
me how he looked and I was just trying to be honest she come over began a life
of me life is the life bolivia beloved believe it but mine is not beacon of
jealousy killin please do not give video life on me life in the life Olivia
middle of Italy three pink shades and I’ll also be darkening up around to take
myself out on days open my own damn doors pay for everything on my plate
sometimes I’d even get the steak if I gonna like that I always see my own bag
never needed no man to valet all got two good shoulders to cry I was all right on
my old fella fell but it wasn’t faked and I couldn’t tell it the time but I
was my own soul mate it’s like I forgot I was finally teaching me any kind of
way no free you gotta sell afraid you couldn’t see everything to stay that I
wasn’t afraid to shake ya if I gotta choose me I won’t be afraid to if I
gotta choose me I gotta do what I gotta do when I love you
I gave you all the to us to me you like the roof of Mohammed you will make a
mess of me that’s why I’m staying above pop and now my fenders get to the money
gotta keep it a honey leaving you ain’t really took nothing
from me so don’t come looking for me I’m that bitch and I have it I forgot that I
had he was just in the habit so I’m a
disappear like magic I’m not bitching I shove it you forgot that I have it now
you what should you head it but I gotta say back is if I got a Tuesday I won’t
be afraid to if I gotta choose me I gotta do what I gotta do when I love you
know I can be sad we better win always I’m going yeah I’m playing a measure for my mama plan
to finally make it sick of my baby sister bombers always celebrate
everything my brother owes the bombing now I’m getting it
no you can read it you just Carolee every day I wake up like a bus and I’ll
be thinking Jesus fake is trying to get up in my circle I don’t really need him
we would say we’re next but now we really mean it we about that action I
get bad shit will you see I’m passionate so when it pop it in action
yeah my uncle better why do I don’t forget it let you know I be bullied I
will chop it up buy a house in the woods love daddy and I’m sure my boy well
Grammy I’ll be balling like I’m Jordan are you later snore if I’ll be busy
scoring by were chopping up my house


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