NIH SciBites: Restoring Sight After Eye Injuries

>>Hi my name is Mohor and I’m postdoctoral
researcher at the National Institutes of Health. Our eyes have cells called neurons, which relay
messages with the brain, and it helps us see. Certain kinds of diseases and
injury cause these neurons to die and it affects the ability to see. I am studying a protein called brorin
that is produced by these neurons and it helps them survive after an injury. The more number of neurons that survive
after an injury, the greater the odds are that the eye will heal and regain its
ability to see normally once again. I am trying to learn how brorin does this
– that is, how it keeps the cells alive – by looking at how it affects damaged
neurons in the eye after an injury. Answering that question would lead us into
finding out more about how brorin works in injured neurons, and that could eventually
lead to treatments which would benefit people to regain their ability to see normally after
a disease or after injury in their eyes.

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