No More Neck Spasms Or Lower Back Pain

I came to Magnolia because I have always had bad scoliosis and problems with my back and neck and I knew I needed a chiropractor. So there was a Groupon for it. So I was like, I’ll try this one now ’cause I can, and it’s affordable and so I came here and immediately loved the atmosphere, and the energy and everyone was really nice. So I was like well, I guess I’ll stick with it. We’ll try it, and see how it goes. Everyone again was amazing, so helpful so ready to fix any things or tweaks to make sure everything was working as best as possible. Got really close with the staff. It was really nice. It was very friendly, and at the beginning I had severe spasms in my neck that would make it so I couldn’t move it and after being here, I don’t have anymore pain in my lower back. My upper back is much, much… more less painful (laughs) less painful and less tight. It doesn’t give me pain really anymore and since I started, I haven’t had any neck spasms which were happening almost every month. So now those are completely gone. There is still a little bit but not that much pain anymore. So, it’s just been a really, really good experience and I know that with continued exercising that it’ll get even better.

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