Non surgical nose job – 3D Rhinoplasty

Ronel, what can Dr Graham help you with? All the wrinkles around my eyes and my nose is a bit skew. so he needs to help me with that. Let me see. Look, you’ll see it angles to this side. Just show me again what you showed Clare. It is a bit skew to this side. So if we can strengthen this area, we call the nose bridge, then we can improve the shape of the nose. So is this what they call a non-surgical nose job? Exactly Clare, we call it the non-surgical broom thread, which is also a dissolvable stitch. A bit thinner than the one we’ll use on the forehead, because we don’t have to provide support, but it is very important for the structure of nose. We’ll use dermal fillers along with the thread We call it a broom thread, because it consist of various fibres of the thread, so it is a bit different to the Silhouette thread and we’ll use some of the dermal fillers on the side of the nose to create a good even shape for the nose. But first we’ll numb the area, it sounds hectic, but it won’t be that painful. Are you looking forward? Yes, a lot. How did your nose feel, after the treatment with the broom thread? My nose was a bit bruised and sensitive, even now still, sometimes a bit sensitive here. But it feels very good Excellent, the bruises are gone. And so far, what would you say was your best treatment? The best treatment so far, I’d say was my nose and here.

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