NOSE BREATHING: how it BENEFITS freediving

in this video I’m gonna talk about nose
breathing and what it means for freediving coming up what’s up Gert from peace in every breath thank you so much for stopping by
you know how it goes I’m a freedive instructor I dive on breathhold
this channel is all about helping you find peace through free diving and today
we are live live from the city of Bangkok Thailand we’re gonna talk about
nose breathing why nose breathing because I read this book the oxygen
advantage by Patrick McKoewn and I have to correct myself immediately because I
haven’t read it fully yet so I’ve read only like maybe 30 percent but it’s
pretty obvious that this book is about nose breathing and actually I had this
book already a year ago I started reading but then it kind of I mean
didn’t really catch my interest but lately I listen to a podcast on with the author of this book and I decided to read this
book again and this time I don’t know why maybe I’m a little more advanced now
in freediving or I’m just more focused on what is this exactly that I do to
make progress in freediving but this time I really think it’s very
interesting it’s about nose breathing and basically how things.. how your health
and your general well-being can be better
while nose beating now our mom and dad have always told us to breathe through
the nose not through the mouth so this is nothing new you might say yeah I
don’t need to read a book to know I have to breathe through the nose that was
exactly what I was thinking until I find out that actually during sleep I was
breathing through my mouth now this is something that you’re not conscious
about but imagine if you are sleeping around eight nine hours per night and
you are breathing through your mouth that’s like a long time that you’re not
optimally breathing now without going really into detail about why nose breathing is
so important if you really want to know this you have
to read the book of course and once again I haven’t read it myself
completely I’m just in the beginning if you breathe through your nose basically
to make a long story short you accumulate more co2 in your
system a little bit more basically when your mouth breathing you are always over
breathing so hyperventilating overbreathing is the same you’re purging
more co2 out if you breathe through your nose and you do it in a gentle way like
a small inhalation a small exhalation then you will purge out less co2 and
basically your body will get used to a little higher levels of co2 now that is
obviously what we want in freediving that sounds like music in the ears to a
free driver okay our body our co2 receptors they are just more used to the
co2 so all this co2 tolerance that we’re doing in the pool well imagine if the
effects of co2 training tolerance training could be accomplished by just
breathing more through the nose and more conscious breathing slight breathing
gentle breathing small inhale small exhale instead of doing these big
inhalations that we thought was necessary like so once again without
going into detail on the how’s and the why’s of this you have to read the book
Patrick McKeown can explain it way better than I can but for me this is like quite
a revelation so I’ve been very conscious about nose breathing not only during
sleep but also right after exercise for instance this morning at the pool
training and what I do right after I come up from a lap is heavy breathing to
the mouth now that is not wrong because that is
your body that is asking to breathe this way but I try now to minimize it so
instead of multiple cycles of this heavy breathing I now try to minimize it and
switch as fast as I can to nose breathing so it goes something like this small inhalation small exhalation so I
try to go away from this deep breathing as fast as I can and go back to gentle
small nose breathing now that’s one thing I’m very conscious about and the
other thing and that is probably where I get the most benefit from is breathing
through the nose while I’m sleeping I just basically came to the conclusion
that I’m opening my mouth during sleep and there is something called mouth
taping it’s all over YouTube if you google mouth taping lots of people talk
about it information is always available you know but if there is no one who
actually tells you where to go look or what exactly to do then you cannot
really handle the overload of information and I guess it was more or
less my problem as well so I’ve always known that breathing through the mouth
is not beneficial it’s not optimal so what do I do now well I tape my mouth
during sleep and I must admit it’s a bit of an adjustment also the first nights
the tape came off but if you sleep eight hours while breathing through the nose
with your mouth taped that is amazing if you wake up you know that something
is different you feel different and you know that something happened in your
body so I don’t know if this is really gonna benefit my freediving and I’m not
the kind of guy that just reads something and then things okay now I
found the Holy Grail now my freediving I mean it’s gonna
change a lot so I prefer just trying things out and that’s what I’m doing now
but I think can feel already the benefits so that’s basically what I
wanted to say in this video thank you for having this podcast
with Patrick McKeown this has actually brought my attention
back to this book and back to nose breathing if you guys want to try this
out if you think that you are a heavy mouth breeder if you think that during
your sleep you are breathing through your mouth then definitely tape your
mouth and try out exercises that help you more nose breathing
so there’s exercises described in this book that’s it so my wildest dream
is of course if I could just skip pool training and just sleep while co2
tolerance training while breathing through my nose now that’s a bit of a
utopia of course you still have to do your pool training for technique and for
whatever but I highly believe that if you can optimize your sleep while
breathing through the nose you’re gonna go a long way in freediving so that’s it
guys if you have an idea for a new video in this channel please let me know
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