Office Ergonomics and Exercises to Relieve Shoulder Pain

Office workers with a poor ergonomic desk
setup or posture problems may end up with shoulder pain Chiropractors can perform adjustments and
recommend exercises to their patients. Wall angels are great strengthening exercises
that require no equipment. Wall angels may help encourage dynamic stability
of the rotator cuff through the overhead range of motion of the shoulder. This exercise puts together multiple areas
of strengthening and mobility in a plane that is difficult due to the shoulders, neck, and
mid/upper back tendency to move forward. It is important to make sure that the lower
back, shoulders, and head are pressed against the wall as much as possible, with the chin
tucked – repeating this exercise as 2-3 sets of 10. Exercises that encourage extension are helpful
for a slouched posture. For the Reach and Lift exercise, if the patient
has trouble reaching up due to shoulder and mobility issues, as a warm-up the arm should
start next to the ear. The patient can reach up the wall as high
as they can, sliding up and then lifting the arm off the wall. For Wall Slides, the patient moves the foam
roller up the wall with both forearms to activate the serratus anterior muscles. This is helpful for patients who don’t have
shoulder blade movement on the ribcage. While performing the Push-Up Plus, the hands
form a triangle on the wall. The patient’s elbows are locked, and their
shoulders are protracted and retracted. A variation of this exercise can be performed
on the floor. For the Upper Extremity Stretch Against the
Wall, the patient’s arm is outstretched on the wall while the patient turns their
body away from the wall. Certified chiropractors can perform ART (or
Active Release) for shoulder, neck, and upper back pain. With ART, the patient makes specific movements
while the chiropractor applies pressure to certain points of body. Some chiropractic offices offer acupuncture
treatments. It is another tool to deal with musculoskeletal
pain, soft tissues, nerves, and joints.

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