Omaha Doctor Reveals Best Kept Secrets For Ear Infections

The best kept parenting secret dealing with ear infections and sinus infections really chronic infections in general. So I wasn’t gonna make any videos about this subject this month… But then, a comment that was made on our Facebook page really inspired me to do so. So I wanted to share with you the best kept secret about chronic ear infections and chronic sinus infections. Alright? So the first part of this is a spine problem in the neck… When the body of a child, and even adults, but really a child has spine problems in the neck, the brain is smart and says, holy crap, there’s something going on in the spine! We gotta hang on to this! So it tightens down all the muscles which also tightens down the muscles of the ear canal. And when the ear canal muscles are tight, how well does it drain? It doesn’t, right? So not only that, once we correct that muscle tension, the spine, that muscle tension goes away. When that muscle tension goes away, we see those ears drain really, really well. So that’s outstanding! That is the #1 best kept secret about chronic ear infections, chronic sinus infections. Alright! Now the other piece to this puzzle that isn’t talked about very often is… mucus causing foods. So once we get everything draining really, really well or if it isn’t draining really, really well… you start eating foods that cause mucus. Thicker fluid that creates essentially a playground for bacteria and viruses to thrive. That’s not what we want! So we adjust… We correct that spine problem. Everything starts flowing better and we remove mucus causing foods for the period… at least the period of where kids are sick. And we see SO many crazy, good changes with that! This stuff is so common in our office. And the results are so common too. So definitely if meds and surgery is not working for your kids… or even adults, but if meds and surgery are not seeming to get the job done Check out chiropractic! It’s so awesome when we see families that have struggled so much and then we get to correct the spine and amazing things happen. Also, if you’re looking for non medication options Check it out! Alright? Check out chiropractic. Again, we had people commenting on there that this is the BEST kept parenting secret related to chronic ear infections and sinus infections So! If this was helpful, please share it, comment on the post I’m gonna be putting a link on here to hopefully give you a little bit more insight into how this works if you like to read instead of watch videos. But feel free to share this stuff with your friends. Until next time… See ya guys!

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