‘OMKalen’: Kalen Shares Red Carpet Tips and Goes Backstage at iHeartRadio Music Festival

[MUSIC PLAYING] Well, hello. Welcome to my humble abode. Come on in. I’m riding in. Let me get the door for you. Come on, come on. So yes, we are in Las Vegas,
Nevada, for the iHeartRadio Music Festival. I’ll show you what
I’m going to wear. Come on. I think what I’m going to
wear for tonight, for day one, is I’m going to wear this
cute little jumpsuit. Isn’t this nice? Now, it looks like
aluminum foil. And I’m going to look like
a baked potato in this. But it’s cute. And I think I really like it. And then my outfit for
tomorrow, because I was like, iHeart What is heart. You know, that’s red. That means love. So I came up with
this little ensemble. And this is everything. It’s a little lace number. Good like a little flow
in the wind kind of thing. It’s definitely
going to be a look. You know, another thing that
I love about this room, this here, this bath tub– Kalen Allen will be
soaking in this bath tub like Mariah Carey, OK? Don’t be trying to peek
at my goodies either. We are ready to
apply the makeup. Look at that. Look at my skin. Do you see that? Uh-huh. Look just like skin, don’t it? That’s the point. [CHAMBER MUSIC] I need to get dressed. So what I’m going
to do is I am going to have to sadly kick you out. Get out. I will see you in
a little while. [THEME MUSIC] As all of you have seen, I
have done the Billboard Awards. I’ve done the Streamy Awards. I’ve done the VMA Awards. Aka I have a lot of experience. And word on the
street is that Ellen is looking for her next
red carpet correspondent. And guess who’s going to
get you through boot camp? Me. So right now, I’m going to
tell you the belt of the– oh, god, I can’t talk. Listen, I talk very fast. And sometimes, I talk
faster than my brain thinks. [FAST FORWARD] Yeah. Yeah. I did it right then. Now, I’m actually
really bad at this. Sometimes when
you work a carpet, you’ll have a
hand-held mic, right? I oftentimes forget
to hand the mic off as the other person is speaking. So you have to make sure that
you are going boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, you know? You talk, they talk. Make sure that– [BUZZER] –you don’t overspeak
on top of the person that you’re interviewing. Let them finish their sentence. Let them finish whatever
they want to talk about. Then when you can tell that
they are absolutely done, then bring it to you. Be cautious– [BELL DINGS] –of time, OK? You can’t be there
for 15 minutes. I know you may have
worshipped this person and watched him your
entire life, baby. But we are on a time frame, OK? And you got other
people coming, so you got to make sure you get people
in and you get people out. Who knows the next
time you’re going to be on a red carpet, honey? So you know what
you got to do, baby? You have to dress
to impress, OK? If you’re not styling
and profiling, baby, you just gonna fade in. And who wants to fade in? You go out there like you
are A-list celebrity too, OK? You stand there
strong and mighty. You keep that chin
up, shoulders back. Arch that back. Pop, pop, pop. Yes. So make sure that you are
confident on the carpet, you know? But you just have to breathe
and just stay grounded. Actually, what time is it? Oh, I am running
a little bit late. And I still don’t
have no shoes on. And that is not cute. OK, but anyway, I
wish you all luck. I can’t wait to see
all your submissions. And I can’t wait to see you
come to the show, darling. I wish you the best
in your endeavors. Peace. All right. [HIP-HOP MUSIC] It actually wasn’t
smart that I wore these shoes, because I
got, like, a 3-inch heel platform here. And baby, my feet
are killing me. So I’m sitting here. I’m guarding my red carpet. And I’m going to wait
till people come, then I’m going to
jump up, because you know it’s rude to stay seated
when people talking to you. Y’all can walk through. There you go. Have a good day. Three things you can season. I can season my steak,
my eggs, and my life. [BELL DINGS] Great. Name three seasonings. Salt, pepper, and cayenne? [BELL DINGS] That’s not– They always say salt and pepper. Because you asked, what
am I supposed to say? No, I know. Here we go. Cheers. Oh that’s nasty. Oh, come on. Ooh, that’s good. Come on. Oh, my throat burn. My producer here is
going to say the word. And we have to say
the first thing– That comes out? –that comes to our mind and
if we say the same thing, that means we’re compatible, OK? Are you ready? Here we go. Pickle. Uh, dill. Juice. Oh, juice. OK. DMs. Oh, uh, go down. Slide. Oh. Vegas. Baby. Showgirl. Damn. What? Three things that are hard. Music, raising three
daughters, and– Oh, we out of time. OK, next one. Three nicknames for making love. Uhh knocking boots– Oh. OK. [LAUGHS] Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Uh. [BLEEP] OK, oh. OK, OK. OK. Now, everybody likes
this hat, right? OK. So I want you to pick one,
then give me the answer. Tell me a time when you used
your fame to your advantage. Well, that would be every day. Right? Every day. OK. Boom boom, boom. That’s how we use it. [APPLAUSE] Yeah. Is that for me? Oh, I thought that was for me. It wasn’t for me. Here we go. Oh, Jesus. Here we go again. Sweet Jesus. Oh, Jesus. Whoo! OK. Never have I ever
hooked up with a fan. Yikes. Oh, you have. I haven’t. Dennis Quaid is here. Did y’all like my Dennis
Quaid is here homage? Because he went to Starbucks,
and Ellen was in his ears. Dennis Quaid is here! Say it loud. Dennis Quaid is here. I think I scared
him a little bit. But that’s OK. Where everybody at? Am I early? Never have I ever
hooked up on a tour bus. Oh. OK, OK. Never have I ever
snooped through the phone of someone I was dating
without them knowing. You know what? Really? Yes. Listen, I’m always looking
at somebody’s phone. I stay ready. Here we go. Three words to describe Ellen. Sharp, funny, inspirational. [BELL DINGS] Bam. And just like that, mic drop. Now, listen. I’ve listened to
your new single. Mmm, I love it so much. I’m obsessed because
you know what? It’s giving me R&B. All the way. Like, that’s something, like,
on a Sunday morning, I wake up, I can just press it. (SINGING) Show me love. Love. Hey. Ooh. [PLAYS PIANO] Oh. Oh. Yes. Yes. Yes. (SINGING) Cuz’ I- Hey. am– Hey. A super woman. Yes, I am. But– Yes, she is. Ooh! Yes! So good. Oh, my gosh. Come on. Oh. [BLEEP] Man, thank–oh you know what my damn velcro– Oh, look, the velcro
got stuck to the lace. There we go. We’re good. We’re good. OK, [BLEEP] Everybody give it up
for the Backstreet Boys! [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] Superb. Superb. Wonderful. Wonderful. [BLEEP] Putt, putt, putt, putt, putt. I know. You wish you were
thick like this.


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