hi everybody this is Rhys Barber from
audiology associates and you don’t know that your earwax extraction video for you
today as you can see we have some very deep-seated earwax which is stuck almost
on the eardrum itself so quite a difficult one to do we just gonna start with the
standards zoellner tube and you can see that there’s not enough room in this ear canal to fit a standards zoellner tube and the endoscope so you have to
switch to a much smaller fine end so it’s going to take a lot longer to
remove this because we’re going to take a little tiny peices away at a time so
you can see there’s a little bit of wetness in that’s where the olive oils
gone in just to strange soften some of this earwax a little bit so very gently
trying to maneuver some of these smaller pieces of ear wax away just working our
way around now this is one solid piece of earwax this one so I’m trying to break
little bits off and I got to be really gentle because it’s actually pushing up
against the eardrum so you can see the whole thing moving if you look to the
right hand side it’s just blocked a view there a little bit but you can see the
whole section moving there here we are just pulling away slightly see at all
jest there you go just take another little piece away the difficulty we use
in a fine end normally with a like a larger piece like this you use the
standards zoellner tube but we just don’t have enough room and this ear canal is
so narrow and so small that we’re going to use the fine end and it’s just a case
of breaking these little tiny tiny little pieces of earwax away so I’m going
to go in take it away because the earwax is quite hard as well it’s not getting
sucked inside the tube itself is just sitting on the outer section of the tube
so it just blocks the it just blocks the suction up straight away so I’m to
constantly take a piece of a go back in take a piece away you know just getting
a grip on the next section all the time just trying to move it sort of sideways
you can see there’s still a great deal of earwax in here now when you look to the
right you’ll see a lighter beige color to the right of where the section is at
the moment that looks like an old piece of dead skin and I think we can see the
bottom section or it the white section just below the suction tube there
so I think it’s actually sitting on a piece of dead skin which is sitting just
in front of the the eardrum itself I just trying to find any kind of
movement or any loose section of earwax there to work on just see it starting to
move then I would take the top section away there a little bit still trying to
be very gentle with this trying to tease this always best we can yeah you see
that that’s that’s one solid plate there at the top so finally difficult to find
any way that we can get a good grip on this earwax it was such a difficult
extraction because you you’re working a really confined space or very very small
limited movement in here and you’re working with the fine end
which makes it a lot harder because it blocks up so easily with any little bits
of earwax on and because it’s such a hard piece of earwax it’s not getting sucked
into the machine at all just block in the section and constantly so quite a
laborious task getting this one out now we’ve just found there’s a little bit
goes a little bit of flap of dead skin now this looks like it’s all connected
to that piece of earwax so when we start pulling on it you can see it’s quite
difficult to turn the way where you can see the whole section of earwax is just
starting to move there it’s coming away from the eardrum so we’re gonna work on
this bit of skin but as it is it’s breaking away now I know you guys have
seen me use crocodile forceps to go in and remove this the difficulty here is
the crocodile forceps wouldn’t fit the ear canal itself wouldnt accommodate it but
I couldn’t accommodate that and the endoscope at the same time so we’re
having to just very slowly work our way along this just trying to get a grip on
the skin but when you’re putting the section in obviously the skin gets
pulled into the section so sometimes as you’re trying to move it out the way the
section pulls it back into place it’s just breaking little pieces away yeah
just trying to maneuver this why it was so difficult we’ve got to be conscious
of the earwax and trade them all over the skin into the right position
to get a good grip on it with a suction I was proving a little bit difficult maybe I would just just start to turn it
okay just breaking they go and see a piece of this old skin coming away you
know and I’m just getting the next section coming away now there we go just
getting trying to get a grip on the skin all the earwax there are now we’re starting
to get some movement to the earwax you can just see it starting to move if there’s
a little bit of misting on the camera it’s because this lady was quite a bit
of olive oil in here so it’s you do sometimes hit a little bit of olive oil
you go into the little hairs of the ear canal couldn’t get out with the standard
with the fine end we just switched to the standard size zoellner I’ll just remove it
the outer section there we go the next section just going in with the
standards zoellner tube again here we go getting a grip on it you see a couple
little hairs from from the head there just let me able to plug the ear canal
I’m just looking in there we can see we’ve got some skin debris left in there
that needs to come away because that’s still resting against the eardrum so
this is the fine end again just looking to try and get a grip obviously very
careful just hovering up above the ear canal wall because we know it’s very
very sensitive just going for the next section now a long kind of the area
there’s that skin the remainder of it here we go it’s that long strip there go
back in it’s a tiny little bit of this earwax this will remove that you can see a
little bit of redness little red dot on the eardrum as well
it’s just pulled up here and from the outside there as well at the same time
that’s still attached to the head – welcome back out with the socks with me
go okay now you can see there’s some fine hairs in here you know I get asked
this question well why don’t we remove these fine hairs look what happens when
you put the suction on them that’s what they do is just flapper under the end of
the section they don’t actually go anyway okay you might get the odd one
gonna get sucked in with this – a little bit that you can see the eardrum there
so these will get washed away with their the next bath or shower this is what we
removed you can see how small some of these pieces are that we were working on
but yeah really tough extraction today but thank you very much for sitting
through it guys and as always it’s like subscribe share and take care


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