Optivisor Magnifier Hands Free Headband for Jewelers and Watchmakers

Esslinger.com’s headband magnifiers are a
must for watchmakers and jewelers. This OptiVisor binocular headband is a precision
magnifier that permits unrestricted efficiency during projects while reducing eye strain
and allowing you a clear view of your work. Used by jewelers, hobbyists, watchmakers,
and many others, the OptiVisor is the best choice for true professionals. This magnifier
is worn on your head to leave your hands free, and it can be used in combination with prescription
or even safety eyeglasses. With an adjustable head strap and genuine
leather comfort cushioned front panel, this hands-free magnifier will always sit comfortably
on your head during projects and repairs. Made of lightweight, impact resistant plastics,
this headband magnifier comes with one precision polished magnification lens of your choice,
but you can easily purchase additional lenses and interchange them. The magnifier is available in six different
magnifications: One and a half power
One and three quarters power Two power
Two and a half power Two and three quarters power
And three and a half power This American made visor is flexible, tilting
up and out of the way when you don’t have to use magnification, and flips down again
when you need the magnification. The adjustable pivot knobs control the visors position to
keep it in place while you work. For other multipurpose magnification tools,
visit us at Esslinger.com.

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