Optometrist Career Information : Optometrist Pros & Cons

Okay, so what are the pros and cons of being
an optometrist? Well, the pros and cons of being an optometrist are, well, personally,
I think the pros much outweigh the cons. So, I think the biggest pro of being an optometrist,
is the wonderful people you encounter throughout your career and the relationships you build
with people. I think that’s one of the biggest pros that optometry has, that it’s a great
profession. It helps people feel good because they can see better. And, most importantly,
over the years, you get to see the same people over and over again. And you get to learn
a little bit about them and they learn a little bit about you and it’s just a wonderful way
to grow a relationship. It’s if you enjoy being around people, it’s a great profession
for you. The worst part, you know, obviously, the worst part would be those times where
you might have to deliver some bad news to your patients. Patients that might have a
finding in their eye that can lead to some vision loss. That’s awfully, that’s a very
tough thing to have to explain to somebody. So, that would, obviously, be the biggest
downside to any profession that’s in health care. And, you know, there are some other
smaller downsides, you are inside all day. Some days, some people like to be outside
in, outside enjoying the sunshine and be near or have a desk near a bright window. That’s
not really optometry, optometry is essentially in a dark room most of your day. And, you
know, there’s not a lot of travel, you essentially go to your same clinic day after day after
day. So, I think folks who like to have some time outside and would like to travel, may
find this job not for them. But again, the pros really outweigh the cons for optometry.


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