Optometrist Career Information : Why Become an Optometrist?

Well, you know I became an Optometrist because
I don’t know that I knew that I wanted to do anything else but be an Optometrist. I
had this interesting experience when I was in fifth grade where I had to go get my eyes
checked and I had to get glasses. And I had no idea how I could not see until I put these
glasses on. And once I put these glasses on it helped me realized, holy moly, I can see
so much better with my glasses versus without. And I always thought that how I saw was how
everybody else saw. And so that really drove my interest level and my parents saw that
in me and they called the Optometrist that did my eye exam and asked if I could go and
observe him for a few hours, and that’s how I got interested. And I became an Optometrist
because I really enjoyed science and math when I was in school, and there’s a lot of
science and math in Optometry. And having, having an interest in something at a very
young age I think really helps people get down the right path. So I became an Optometrist
because it was just a, such a life altering thing for me that I thought as I got older
it would be great to help people otherwise.

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