Otovent Treatment of Clogged Ears, Fluid in the Ears, and Ear Infections

Hi! My name is Emma and this is my little Sister
Susan who is almost 4 years old. She has clogged ears and doesn’t know how
to pop the ears to open them up. So, in order to help her pop her clogged ears,
her doctor told her to use a nose balloon called otovent. There is a a balloon attached to a hard nozzle. She places the nozzle up against one nostril. She pinches her other nostril shut with her
finger. She than blows up the balloon with her nose! As the balloon inflates, it puts back pressure
into the nose that helps her pop her clogged ears. For her, it’s a funny game. But for her
ears, it helps them open up, release any ear pressure, and allows any fluid to drain out
too! So what’s going on when you pop the ears
or use an otovent? In the very back of the nose, there is a tunnel
called the eustachian tube that connects into the middle ear. When pressure builds up in the middle ear,
it will cause a clogged sensation in the ear. When the ear is popped, the eustachian tube
opens allowing pressure to release from the middle ear. Any ear clogging should resolve when this
happens. If any fluid is present, each time the ear
is popped, the fluid drains out of the middle ear resolving any hearing loss that may be
present because of the fluid. With good middle ear ventilation thru ear
popping, it will also minimize ear infections and decrease the need to have ear tubes placed!

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