Overcome EYE STRAIN and NECK PAIN from being on the computer by The Source Chiropractic

how’s it going everybody in this video
I’m gonna go over a simple strategy that you can do to overcome eyestrain and
neck pain from spending tons of time hours upon hours on your computer or on
your mobile device and so what I’ve started to notice with a ton of my
patients is the huge difference between the people that are coming in in the
morning versus the people that are coming in in the evening what I see with
people that are coming in in the evening is they’re starting to come in with
headaches migraines red eyes tension in the upper part of their back and in
their neck and a lot of it is due to spending hours and hours on their
computer before they’re coming into the office not only are they’re spending a
ton of time on the computer then they’re getting on the BART since we’re here in
the Bay Area in Oakland and they’re sitting there while on their device
with their head down like this for an hour on the BART and so what I’ve
noticed is some simple things that we can do to overcome the effects of long
hours on our phone or on our devices to really help to reright this neck reflex
that pulls things forward that strains our eyes and that you can start to do
just for 10 minutes throughout your day to really start to offset this
so I think it’s important to know two main things; that there’s a difference
between natural light out in the sky and the blue light that we’re getting from
our phones and so what we’re exposed to on our phones is high levels of
scattered blue light in a very short distance so only about a foot away from
our face probably and what we’ve seen is that blue light penetrates deeper into
the eye and can actually cause an increase rate of macular degeneration
because it’s really hitting your retinas as opposed to light out in our
environment yes we have blue light yes we have UV light but it’s natural, and the
Sun well it’s really far away, so it’s a little bit different than being exposed
to this blue light extremely close to our face another thing is that all of
our devices unless you’re set up a little bit different than most people is
the majority of us are constantly looking down when we’re scrolling
through Facebook scrolling through Instagram working on our word
documents everything is going from top to bottom and there’s a riting reflex
between the relationship of your eyeball and your neck which pulls your head
forwards this way as you’re scrolling down things to look at things what we’ve
noticed is that the longer your head is in this forward flexed position is
the muscles on the front part of your neck get super tight is that people
will start to experience a ton of neck pain and upper thoracic pain because
that’s the area where your head hinges on your upper part your back and that’s
where we put the majority of our stress and so the more hours that we’re
spending scrolling down Facebook or down Instagram it’s gonna cause a ton of
strain and stress in the top part of your neck and the bottom part of your
neck here at that CT junction so here’s a simple strategy which I have started
doing the more that I have had to work on the computer with the source
chiropractic and one of our other businesses Kairos training culture is I
will start to notice a change in my perception or my depth perception of my
eyes so if I’m starting to notice it’s harder to look farther away or if I’m
starting to get redness or itchiness around my eyes or if I’m starting to get
any sort of headache or tension in my neck I’m gonna use that as a sign
that I need to make a change and so that’s what I did this morning as I
started to notice I was spending way too much time on the computer my vision was
starting to change so what I did is I put my phone down I shut my computer and
I got outside and so I know I’m on my phone right now but what I did was a
half an hour of walking outside without my phone and since my eyes were used to
this downward scrolling of looking through things on my computer what I’m
doing when I’m outside is taking time to fixate my eyes on things really far out
in the distance and the more that I can train my eyes to focus on things in the
distance again is going to be able to combat the effect of you know constantly
looking at something that’s only a foot away from my face another thing that you
can do since we’re constantly looking down is when you fixate your eyes on
something really far off in the distance focus on the bottom of that structure so
maybe it’s a building or a tree and then scroll your eyes up that building and so
you will get the opposite effect of looking down
all the time so if you look down at a building fixate your eyes there and then
slowly start to look up you’re going to start to recreate and overcome that
reflex of constantly looking down and you start to retrain those muscles that
increase posture where you’re looking up this way and not hunched forward like I
see so many people coming into the office later in the day so that is a
simple strategy that you can do I know again I’m on my phone right now so what
I’m gonna do and I’m gonna encourage you to do right now is click
that share button and then put your phone down and get outside, go for a walk
and start to focus on things far off in the distance. all right I hope this is
useful information I love you appreciate you. take care

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