Owl Alert review: bulbhead ultrasonic pest deterrent – as seen on TV product review

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ride now let’s get to today’s review okay so I’m pretty excited for today’s
review and my son’s seders here with me seniors say hi what are we gonna work at
today you don’t know well you know what I saw this in the store not too long ago
and it’s called the ultrasonic owl alert and I thought it’s made by bulbhead but
I thought you know what my mom has this problem with birds building nests on top
of her lights at the house and she’s worried about fire so she builds these
elaborate contraptions and I thought maybe this would be sweet because it’ll
keep the birds away I’ve seen I always use for that before you agree okay well
you know what though I see I’m on the box it says that targets raccoons deer
squirrels rabbits and mice so it’s kind of disappointed with that but maybe it
worked for birds – what does it all say that’s a whoo-hoo all right so let’s
unbox it do you know how bald head puts those little tiny circle tabs so you
can’t open it well they actually put it on the wrong side I think that’s kind of
funny just a simple mistake but you could leave it in box this one before
all right so let’s open it up as I’m looking at it right now it already looks
a little smaller than I thought it should here it is it’s kind of a tiny
little hallway I didn’t know what I was expecting from the box maybe something a
little fatter I know that it says that it emits some sort of ultrasonic pulse I
think the eyes glow red it’s very interesting the batteries go here on the
bottom it does include four double A batteries that are not included as most
products so I did go to the store and pick some up beforehand I will say they
do have a port right here on the bottom a little hole that you’re able to buy an
optional I’ll stand for an additional ten bucks they have this thing stand out
in your guard understand out somewhere so we’re
actually just gonna put the batteries in and check it out Cedar’s here working on
I think he found the on/off button and we’ll just see what this does and if it
works I’m really excited to try it out so let’s put some batteries in and see
what we got alright so we took the battery pack off
and this actually pops out it’s a little more detailed or in-depth than I thought
it would be so what you’re supposed to do is just put the four batteries in
it’s like a little tiny pack and then you do have to line up the two metal
parts here with the inside springs so make sure you put them in the correct
way we put that in and the cool thing about this is I could use just a
standard drill it’s nothing special as far as a small bit you know sometimes
you have a very very small bit and it’s hard to get these things on wrong so I
just use a simple drill for my drill bit alright and so did you see that that’s
pretty sweet kind of scary actually okay well color those eyes well they are
red it’s interesting so here is the ultrasonic owl alert we’re gonna take
this outside I want to know if this thing blinks all the time or this just
cuz it sees us in that cool they hi there owl take it outside and see what
it does alright so we’re gonna take i’ma turn it
off clicked it off we’re going to take it outside and check it out this is our
first look at the ultrasonic owl alert by baldhead alright so here we have the
bulbhead owl alert it’s a pest repellent and so I
read through the directions and it tells you when you turn it on you’re gonna
hear it beep um a number of times it says eight it turned on well I only heard it beep three times
but it says it’s supposed to beep eight times and the eyes will start blinking
and it’s actually calibrating itself for use then you’re supposed to set it down
not on the ground it says do not have it on the ground do not have it facing the
road so cars will set it off have it on a surface off the ground so it can I
guess repel your pests now the motion sensors will will set off the lights and
then this is where the ultrasonic sound comes from you won’t hear it it says you
cannot hear it and so I just have to trust that it works evidently when a
pest comes into here it will blink for 20 seconds and then once it’s detected
that its area is clear it’ll stop and shut off so it takes about 20 seconds it
says and so let’s just step back and see what that looks like and I’m going to
test the distance now for the motion sensor I have the owl on the table I’m
about thirty five feet away so I’m gonna start taking some steps towards it to
see when this thing actually turns on oh there it goes
two steps in and the lights turned on on the eyes that’s a pretty impressive
motion sensor I will say that I’ve tried it from the left side and the right side
and it does have 180 degree view so that’s pretty cool and you can be back
pretty far and it um it’ll turn on the only thing I will say since I’ve turned
it on I have not heard the ultrasonic thing now and that might just because
we’re not supposed to hear it but I did hear when I plugged it in and that’s
something that’s different now but here we have the owl alert by bulbhead
daytime use I am gonna try it at night just to see what happens and see what
those eyes look like at night but there you have it alright so it’s hard for me
to find any pests that would cooperate with me I couldn’t find a deer raccoon
mouse anything so now here I have my owl alert here facing the chickens let’s see
what the chickens feel about this thing I don’t know if they like it or not my
let’s see let’s bring a little closer these chickens are pretty friendly so
let’s see what happens when we bring our owl a lot closer hope they ran away
right away all right let’s see this one right here maybe they don’t like it
maybe it’s the ultrasonic sound maybe it’s a blinking light but they are
running away for sure what hey bear what do you think of this ah alert will tell
me more about it is any good does it keep pests away you don’t know
that’s a good dog thanks for thanks for letting me know tell anyone play that
ball instead okay well it doesn’t look like bear likes the owl lord it is on
but alright alright so I’m outside in the dark I’m only about 20 feet away and
as I’m getting closer to the owl let’s see when it actually trips that I’m here
oh there it was so I’m about 10 feet away right now and you can see the
lights just beating definitely not as good at nighttime but it still worked
I’m about a good 10 15 feet away from the house still so there you have it
nighttime it does work alright so I’m ready to give you my final review of
bulb heads I will alert the ultrasonic pest repeller now as you can tell from
the videos I was not able to find any compliant deer or squirrels or rabbits
or mice or whatnot to see if this actually worked but I did find some
chickens and those chickens are very very friendly they’ll come right up to
you and you know what just play with you but they did not like this now was it
the beady red eyes I don’t know was the ultrasonic noise I
don’t know either way they flocked away as fast as they could so that it worked
also with the dog he just barked at it and I’m told me that he didn’t like it
by barking and then went play with small did it work I don’t know this is about
$19 88 cents at 1 which is not a bad price it’s right
there in the as seen on TV price range it does come or you can opt for the
additional stand for $9.95 they recommend like if you have a garden you
want to grow up Tomatoes you put this in your garden and it’ll keep the birds
away or they don’t see birds it’ll keep the rabbits away but that might be
something that is work and it might work for you you know what I was really
impressed with the range of the motion detector oh it’s good 35 40 feet away
during the day and it picked me up moving toward that that’s pretty
impressive for just a little tiny unit for the twenty dollar price range also
at night it was pitch black outside except for the maybe the lights from the
windows and it worked like the Leafs 15 feet away that’s pretty impressive like
I said for this little toning unit I don’t know I have it I’m gonna use it
I’m gonna see if my mom will use it so this was my review of bald heads I’ll
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