P.T. Hack Confirms We’re Always Being Followed

It’s been over five years since P.T. dropped
unexpectedly onto the PlayStation Store, and we’re still discovering new things about the
now-delisted Kojima Productions title. Like Lisa, the dead woman who routinely makes
her presence known throughout the Playable Teaser. Did you know she’s always following you, even
when you can’t see her? Twitter user Lance McDonald got into the guts
of P.T. and found a way to freeze the camera in place, enabling the player character to
move forward without the camera coming along. What he found was, well, troubling: Lisa is
pretty much behind you for the entirety of the game, essentially becoming one with the
player “as soon as you get the flashlight,” according to McDonald. And to prove it, McDonald provided a clip
in which he locks the camera and continues down the hallway. After a few seconds, Lisa becomes visible,
twitching violently while remaining just behind the player’s camera position. It truly gives you a sense of how closely
Lisa is trailing you, and how attached she is regardless of whether you’re moving front
to back or side to side. McDonald explained: “She actually attaches to the player’s back
as soon as you get the flashlight, here, I demonstrate how you can see some strange shadows. I then lock the camera in place and walk forward,
showing how she’s always there… following you…” McDonald’s video explains quite a bit about
how P.T. is pulling off some of its tricks, like creating sounds that feel close enough
to be right behind you and casting shadows that make it seem as though Lisa is right
over your shoulder. Who knew, right? This revelation somehow makes P.T. even creepier
than it already was, and we weren’t sure that was possible. And, in all honesty, it’s a little strange. It seems as though Kojima and his team could’ve
found a way to generate weird sounds and shadows without actually having to glue Lisa permanently
to the player’s back. But it’s entirely possible Kojima knew that
someone would make this discovery someday. Either that, or Kojima was convinced that
the most authentic-feeling way to create a sense of being followed was to actually have
Lisa’s character model trail the player, just out of sight. Over five years later, we’re still peeling
back the layers of P.T. and learning things about the game we didn’t know before. That’s really cool. Lisa following the player is just one of the
many secrets hidden within P.T., a game that itself was a secret project developed by Kojima
Productions — which had posed as an indie outfit named 7780s Studios in order to keep
the origins of the Playable Teaser hidden. And we can only imagine what the full Silent
Hills might have looked like had it ever seen the light of day. Hideo Kojima co-creating a horror title with
Guillermo del Toro, starring Norman Reedus? That would be an incredible game in the present
day, so you can imagine how it looked when it was teased back in 2014. On one hand, we’re disappointed that the game
never made it to the finish line. On the other hand, though, maybe it’s for
the best. Learning that Lisa is so close to us in P.T.
makes us feel a bit uneasy about picking up the game again. At the least, we’ll have Death Stranding to
give us a taste of what could have been. That title — a PlayStation 4 exclusive — reunites
Hideo Kojima with Norman Reedus and Guillermo del Toro, and also brings Mads Mikkelsen and
a slew of other actors and actresses into the fold. And while it’s not horror per se, it definitely
has some creepy otherworldly stuff happening with floating ethereal beings and babies in
tanks. “Kid looks happy.” “I’ll try adjusting the oxytocin dosage.” Should we learn any other secrets about P.T.,
we’ll be sure to issue an update. In the meantime, you might want to familiarize
yourself with the newest project coming from Kojima Productions. Death Stranding comes to the PlayStation 4
on November 8th, 2019, and odds are, we’ll be learning a lot more about that title in
the weeks and months ahead. Stay tuned. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more SVG videos about your favorite
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