Pain drains your brain!

Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam
Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam | Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam Vandhey Guru Paramparaam || I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis,
satsanghis sitting with us all over the world through Nithyananda TV, Lotus TV, Sadhna TV, and two-way
video-conferencing. Cities sitting with us in two-way video-conferencing
having Nayana Deeksha all over the world: Los Angeles, Kuala Lumpur-Palani, Enriching Temple-Bidadi,
Oklahoma-Somanatham, Guadeloupe- Rameshwaram, Houston-Kalahasti, Washington
DC-Sripuram, Toronto-Kailasam, Ohio-Prayag, Charlotte- Srisailam, Paris-Kalighat, Seattle-Chidambaram,
Singapore-Singapuram, Vancouver-Bhubaneshwar, San José-Madurai, Dallas-Dwaraka, Devon-UK, New
York-Varanasi, Kathmandu-Nepal, Slovakia-Shivaloka, Tiruvanmiyur-Chennai, Austin, Hong Kong-Sirkazhi,
Hyderabad-Gupta Kashi, Port Washington- NewYork, Mill Valley-Vairavan Koil, San Diego-Tirualavai,
Dubai-Vaidyanatham, East London-UK, Netherlands, Philadelphia, Oman-Sivagangai……….. I welcome all of you with my love and blessings. Today is: • 960th Nithya Satsangh, excluding all the
satsanghs I delivered before 2010, and evening satsanghs. Still they have not come up with
the right number. • 20th batch Inner Awakening, 4th day. • 17th batch eN-Genius, 4th day. • 19th batch Nirahara Samyama, Level-2,
1st day. • 9thbatch The Samyama, 4th day. I’ll move to the morning Satsangh, Nithya Satsangh: Today, I will expand on “PAIN BODY”, why
we human-beings keep the pain body alive and continue to suffer with it. In the Inner Awakening, today’s session
is about pain body. Today, whole day, we will be working on completing with all the pain samskaras, pain
patterns. See, pain pattern is the expression of root- pattern. Root-pattern is the root, but pain
pattern is the tree. Today, we will be working on the tree. Yesterday, we worked on the root; means, we
poured acid in the root of suffering. Today, we will burn the whole tree of suffering. It’s a whole
day process, a very powerful process, but most extraordinary process. I have seen, these two-three processes in
the Inner Awakening — completing with your bio-memory, completing with your fear and death fear,
completing with your pain pattern — these sessions literally awaken your whole Kundalini energy and consciousness!
Today, we are going to enter into that important session. All the Inner Awakening participants, please
listen! Listen! First thing, pain
needs unconsciousness to exist. Listen! Pain
needs unconsciousness for its existence. If you are conscious, pain cannot live inside
you. If you are conscious, you HAVE to be happy! Nothing can be done about it! If you are unconscious,
you HAVE to be in pain! Nothing can be done about it! Pain cannot be driven out of your system by
attending to one part of you. If you have knee pain you attend to that, it will become
stomach pain. If you have stomach pain, you give medicine and do what you want, it will become neck pain.
If you drive that also out, it will become back pain. If you drive that also out, it will become a
headache. If you drive that also out, it’ll become your wife! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! But, whatever, it will be
there in your life! Of course, when I said “wife”, I meant “spouse”. It’s not only for women,
it’s for men also. But, please understand, pain cannot be attended to partially. That is the law of
life. Pain cannot be attended to partially. Please understand, any attempt to attend to
the pain partially leads to more and more powerlessness. For example, I have seen people, first they
try to give medicine to the stomach pain; then when it becomes a back pain, they try to give medicine
for that; then it moves to neck pain, then they give medicine for that; after two-three years,
they start living with the pain! They start living with the pain! It is now almost like they are experienced;
pain becomes their life and experience. Somebody was asking, ‘Why in Hinduism we
pierce the ears of men before marriage?’ Actually, in Hinduism, traditionally, before
marriage all men should have their ears pierced and wear yajnopavitha. Whatever community
you may be, you should be given the yajnopavitha, piercing of the ears and shaving the head. Somebody asked me, ‘Why men have their ears
pierced?’ Preparing them for marriage! I said, ‘it
is two things: They have experienced pain and bought jewelry. So, now they are ready for marriage!’ If you have missed, you missed! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….! Unfortunately, we get settled with pain. Please
listen! If you settle with pain, you age in such a bad way, pulling, pushing, and dragging. I tell
you, complete with pain; you will age very gracefully. Aging gracefully should be taught as a mandatory
lesson for anybody who has crossed forty. Actually, we should have clear Universities! This should
become a compulsory education! By the age of seven, one year-the child should learn
about life and living with Completion. By the age of fourteen, one year-the child should
learn completely about the next level root-patterns. Please understand, the preliminary root-pattern
will always be based on fear and anxiety. The hanging root patterns….I am giving you
the example of banyan tree. If your life is like a banyan tree, the root of the banyan
tree will always be fear and anxiety. The hanging root of the banyan tree will be the
lust. When it starts hanging itself if you attend and complete it, it will not get grounded
and become one more root pattern! So, at the age of fourteen, a child should be taught
about his hanging root-pattern. See, with the hanging roots, if you attend to them immediately,
they will not get rooted in the ground; they will not become one more root-pattern. But
if you don’t attend to them properly, if you don’t complete them, they will reach
the ground and they will become rooted and they will become one more root. Lust by its
nature cannot be the original root-pattern. The original root-pattern will always be fear
and anxiety based. And, pain is the leaves. Pain can never be a root-pattern; that is
the good news. Bad news is, it flourishes from the fear. Understand, I am explaining
the whole science of how you develop your mind without even you being aware of it. At the age of seven, a child should be taught
the Science of Completion. At the age of fourteen, the child should be taught the Science of
Completion with the hanging root-patterns, means, the patterns which will be getting
developed in the child; the lust pattern. At the age of twenty-one, the child should
be taught to live with enlightenment, means, various relationships, various dimensions
of life. I am again defining, please understand: Having
Completion in all your dimensions is enlightenment. If you are complete in your health, you are
enlightened. If you are complete in your relationships; if you are complete in your Integrity; if
you are complete with your health; if you are complete with your wealth; if you are
complete in all dimensions of your life, you are enlightened! At the age of twenty-one, the child should
be taught to live with enlightenment. At the age of twenty- eight, the child should be taught the Science
of Enriching. Please listen. At the age of thirty-five, the child should know life has no other purpose
than enriching. And, at the age of forty-two, the child should be taught to complete with
the pains, pain patterns, so that he ages gracefully. And I commit with Veda Matha again, I will
make a University where all these programs will be available like a three-months, six-months, two-years,
one-year, one-month, like these courses, where people can come and get prepared experientially, learn
this science to live their life. We Indians are so foolish, just for this nonsense cricket we have votes and
crores of property is getting wasted. But, we don’t have a University for Yoga. It is very recently in
Gujarat the first Yoga University has started. There is a small one in Bangalore, but very small; the infrastructure
is too small. It is time we create a University for Inner Sciences! Completing with the pain helps you to age
gracefully. Aging gracefully, I tell you….. I always tell all my disciples, ‘When you are young, go wherever
you want. Go to any country you want. Go to any State you want. Go anywhere, make money. Hold big,
big posts. Go and become judge in the US Supreme Court. Go and become head of the Chamber of
Commerce in Malaysia. Go and become the top guy in Wall Street in New York. Go and do
whatever you want when you are young. But, when you want to retire, come back to your
old Indian village. That is the best place to age gracefully. That is the best place
to age gracefully. I tell you, come back to your old ancestral village, relax with life. This aging gracefully is one of the important
things, very important things in a human’s life. Don’t live in a place where you worked when you are retiring,
after you retire. I tell you, psychologically you cannot handle that place, because now you are not
directly useful in their field. The attention given to you, the respect given to you, the pride given to you,
all will reduce, which your heart cannot handle. For aging gracefully, come back to your rural Indian
ancestral village. And I always tell people, to age gracefully, Indian villages are the best places! Indian
villages are the best places to age gracefully! Completing with your pain helps you to age
gracefully! 20:00 I have a story about aging gracefully. Please
listen. The pain, when you don’t complete with the
pain body, you do not feel you lived. So, naturally, aging gracefully does not happen. One lady, who is not willing to age gracefully,
is pushed and she is almost seventy, but spends all the husband’s income on lipstick, make-up,
the miracle products, age miracle products from head to toe, as many spare parts as possible,
as many polishing coats as possible. One day, after emptying the husband’s whole
salary, means retirement income, with the full make up, she comes and stands in front
of the husband and asks, ‘Honey, with all this make-up, tell me, how I look?’ He said, ‘Amazing!’ He can’t tell anything
else. He says, ‘If I just see your hair, you are only twenty. If I just see your cheek,
it is only twenty five. If I just see your skin, you are less than eighteen. If I see
your eyes and the lips, less than twenty. She was floored and blushing. She said, ‘Stop
honey, you are too much.’ He said, ‘Wait, wait wait dear, I have not
counted everything together. I have not added all!’ So, you have to wait till he adds everything. Aging gracefully
happens when you complete with pain. Please
understand, Completion with the pain body is one of the basic requirement for any adult,
which we will be doing today. When there is incompletion in your pain body, continuously
you will be so agitated, the whole day you will be running here, there, here, there,
here, there. Literally like a headless chicken. I have seen people, they can’t live in peace
without problem. No, really, they cannot live in peace without problem, problems are basic
requirement for them. Problems should be a basic requirement for them. They can not live
without problems. I tell you, you don’t need problem as your
basic survival need. Complete with your pain body. Completing with your pain body will
bring so much of fulfillment inside you, such joy inside you. When you don’t complete
with your pain body and leave it, aging will become more and more difficult and complicated.
As I said, aging in the downtown New York will be very difficult. Aging in the downtown
Mumbai will be very difficult. Aging in the downtown Bangalore or Delhi is very difficult.
Any , any country, in the downtown, aging will never be graceful. I have seen some of my own disciples telling,
‘Swamiji, you are talking about make up.’ Sixty, Seventy-year-old ladies, they say,
‘Swamiji what to do? In this country we have to compete with youngsters.’ I tell you, need to compete with youngsters
is the most disgrace thing that can happen to elders. In India, I can guarantee this one we have
not given up the elders always respected. That is why I tell you, to age gracefully
come back to Indian village. I have already decided I am going to age only in Tiruvannamalai.
I already bought the land and kept it ready. I bought the land far away from the city,
because by the time the city would grow. I don’t want to be in the center of the city.
I want to be in the village, so far away. Where my Akshardham will be, I have not decided.
Where this body will reside forever I have not decided but where I will age, I have already
decided. Understand, completing with the pain bodies
is almost like completing with all the wounds you created while you started living with
incompletions. Because of the root, leaves grow, because of the root-patterns, pain grows.
You have to complete the root and complete the leaves. Your words are the seeds which
puts more and more incompletion in others. So, you have to complete even with that. xxxx29:05 Hindi – 31:23 xxxx Listen, allowing the pain body inside you
is like allowing the ghost to live inside you. You will not know why you are doing what
you are doing. Otherwise, why will you steal in your own house and destroy your future?
I have seen people just plan for foolish few hundred rupees, sometimes crores, and destroy
their great future, possibility. Understand, pain body takes away your intelligence. Pain
drains your brain. Pain drains your brain but for some people, that problem is not there
because first of all, you need to have brain to get drained. All the Inner Awakening participants get ready
for a powerful session today. I request all the devotees and visitors and
viewers, everyone, to follow today’s Somavara Vrata; means, fasting, Monday fasting which
we do for Mahadeva, and do ajapa japa of Nithyanandeshwara’s mantra — Om Hreem Nithyanandeshwaraya Namaha.
This Monday fasting you can do even if you are less than eighteen, because it is only
one day — till sunrise to sunset. It is sunrise to sunset. Anyone can do this fasting.
Till sunrise to sunset you will not have any solid food. I request sincerely everyone to
do this Monday fasting. It’s like giving holiday to your stomach so you are fresh,
alive. Monday, naturally, you have to do a lot of work. You are fresh, alive, to start
your week. You can’t be weak to start your week. xxxx34:53 Hindi-35:22 xxxx So, today, in the Inner Awakening, we will
complete with our pain body, all the pain experiences. The essence of today’s satsangh: Your pain drains your brain and trains to
be in more pain. Your pain drains your brain and trains your heart to be in more pain.
Your brain, please listen, your pain drains your brain, and trains your heart to be in
more pain. Let you all achieve, experience, live, express,
radiate, share and explode in eternal bliss, Nithyananda.

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