PAIN Rapide à la POÊLE (Parfait pour Sandwich) 🥪

hi rebellious cooks it’s Yannick today I am going to show you a very fast and practical recipe of bread for sandwiches or tartines cooked directly in a pan no need for oven or other just a pan with a lid follow me, I show you how to do in this recipe we will prepare 4 breads to do this, we need a cup and a half of flour which corresponds to 230 g 1/4 teaspoon of salt and 2 teaspoons of baking powder or leavening powder we mix our dry ingredients we come to form a small crater in the center
of our dough and we just pour half a cup of milk which corresponds to 120 ml and we mix everything once our ingredients are mixed we will knead our dough for 2 to 3 minutes make sure everything is well incorporated once you have taken all your ingredients
in your bowl we can switch on a kneading on a worktop that’s what we get using your bowl cover your dough and let it rest 2 to 3 minutes during this time, we will heat a large pan on a medium fire we will cut our dough in 4 parts and we shape 4 little balls your balls, once formed you come flatten them directly on
your worktop until you get about 1 cm thick in a small pot we pour a little of vegetable oil and using a brush we will brush the part that will be in contact with the pan the first one, we put it in our pan with our brush we just brush the top of
our breads we cover them with a lid and let it bake for 10 minutes before you can turn them after 10 minutes we turn our breads and let them cook for another 7 minutes our breads are ready we can take them out as my wife is hungry I’m going to make her a little sandwich we’ll put a little bit of butter that melt a little bit of feta pickles tomato and a little bit of ham that’s it I’m sure she’ll be happy with that as for me, it will be strawberry jam if you want the recipe of my
Strawberry jam I will put the link there otherwise, I hope you have learned something new today if you want to make these breads I really encourage you to try it’s a quick and easy recipe you can do them a little bit more soft adding more or less water according to your taste if it’s the first time you come on this channel do not forget to register by pressing the button
that is right there otherwise, I see you in another video right here bye


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