Painless Ear Infection Home Remedy for Kids!

💉👂NASTY EAR INFECTION HOME REMEDY! – Yay our day can officially begin. The kids are home from school. Little Rozzy has missed his brother and sister all day. William did you miss your brother and sister today? – Yeah you excited that they’re home? – Yeah. Tell our YouTube family hello. – Hello. – Whatcha been doing today Will? – Just playing with Taff. – Playing with Taff. Luckily William has Taff to play with everyday. – Rozzy are you ready for the ghost? Rozzy. He’s a big monster ghost. – [ Christina ] Where’s Rozzy? – There you are. – There he is. – Peek a boo. – You’re a little chubby baby. – [ Christina ] How you doing over there? Can you hear me with your headphones on? – What? I can’t hear you. Currently listening to loud rock music. – [ Christina ] Will. You’re gonna hit that poor little baby. Don’t do that. I know don’t do that. – And then I gently put him down on his tummy. Then I put his toys in front of him. Then when I put him up on his knees he’ll try.. – [ Christina ] Go get it little puppy. William I told you to quit doing that. Oh he’s practicing to be a ribbon dancer in the Olympics is what he’s doing. – No. – Oh that’s so pretty William. How you twirl your pretty ribbons. Okay well Tayden is your homework done? – No. – Nikoi is your homework done? Oh peek a boo. Tayden get your homework done. Hey Nikoi tell these guys what you have today. – Soccer. – I can’t hear ya. – Soccer. – Nikoi has her first soccer practice of the year. Me and Rozzy and William and Tayden will come watch. – What I can’t hear a word you’re saying? – And dad will be over there with.. – This rock music sure is good. It’s loud but.. – We like to shake William when he’s naughty. We shake him and we shake him and we shake him. – Whas up guys? William’s been having kind of an ear ache. We think he might have ear infection and One of the many home remedies, well the one we are doing. Is what mom? – So last week William had that fever right? And he kinda got an ear ache after we went hiking in the wind And it went away for a few days and then the last two days like even if I touched it he said his ear was hurting. – Yeah. And so.. – And then his jaw bone, so we know it’s an ear infection. – Yeah he said it kinda hurts through here which makes me worried it could be strep. But he said his throat didn’t hurt it was more like here. I was with a friend of mine last night and she told me like some of the home remedies that she uses. She’s uses a lot of like homeopathic type things rather than just traditional medicine. And so she sent me some things and one talked about using hydrogen peroxide. And so we’re gonna try putting that in William’s ear to just kill the bacteria and see if it’ll get better on it’s own. And if not then we’re gonna have to go to the doctor tomorrow. – Yeah and I’ve tried that a few times and it’s helped mine in the past. William. – Cause antibiotics are like good if you have a major infection and you need to get rid of it. But like it kills everything good in your body too so you kinda want to avoid that if you can. So we’re gonna try this first. – Sure. Yeah let’s take a close up look at your ear. Guys can you see it? How does it look in there? Does it look okay? – Does it look infected? I seriously want to get one of those little ear things. I’ve actually seen them for sale. – An ear scope or something? – Where you can look, yeah. Tayden with all of his allergies and asthma he had ear infections all the time. In fact it got to the point where the doctor was like if he gets another ear infection I’m gonna put tubes in his ears. And he never did. So it was a blessing. – Yeah we told Tayden not to. We said no more ear infections. And he obeyed. What a good boy. – It was like the first 4 years of his life he had ear infections all the time. – It was miserable. – And William’s had some nasty ones too. One time he had a really scary stinky one. But this one just seems minor. Not a lot of pain. Not really a fever again. So we’re just gonna try. K member it’s just like water here feel it so you can see. It’s just like water. K it won’t hurt you. Okay ready? – Ready for surgery. – Okay. So it said to feel, oh sorry. Does it hurt when I touch it bud? – You pull it too hard. – Oh okay I’ll be softer. Um to just like put it in till it fills up. Oh does that tickle? You guys know how it feels when you get water in your ear in the tub and the pool it kinda feels funny. Wait hold on. So I’m just gonna fill it up. And let it sit in there it said for two or three minutes. Oh yeah you can already see it start to bubble. Killing all that infec.. that bacteria in there. Holy there’s a lot of bubbles. I see some bubbles is it tickling? Do those bubbles tickle your ear? Cause like look when I just put it on my skin.. – Oh wow it’s bubbling all over. – It doesn’t bubble. – Just kidding William. Just kidding buddy. – But it also bubbles when it reacts with water too. So if there’s some water in his ear. – Yeah cause he you know he likes to swim under water in the bathtub huh buddy? – Yeah I heard this can help with like swimmers ear too. Those are a lot of bubbles bud. – Does it hurt William? – Your ear is blowing bubbles. – It does hurt? – Not really. – Does it hurt? – Not really? Well that’s cause you got big muscles though. See look how big his muscles are. Holy cow. Is that even legal to have such big muscles? It is? Oh. – Okay so now what we’re gonna do is just put this paper towel um over his ear. And then we’re gonna have him flip over. To the other side so that you can drain all that out. – Flip on over to the other side. – And let all that stuff come out of there. Okay? Can you feel it coming out like a waterfall? Does that feel weird? You can hear it. Is it tickly? – No. – Can you feel it still bubbling? – It’s weird. – It’s weird? – I think it’s done. – You think it’s all done? – Yes it is. – Okay oh yeah see all that? – Wait I wanna see. – See that wet spot? – Oh my goodness. – Oh my goodness. – Is it yellowy? – It looks like it kinda has a yellow tint to it. He does have some ear wax coming out. K bud hopefully that makes it go away. Huh? – Yeah I did it ones and twice. – Yeah you did it two times? – Oh yeah. – Okay. Say guys pray so I get better. – Guys pray so I can get better. – Okay. Three adorable handsome boys and a beautiful. Mom we are so lucky. – We are lucky. I don’t know how the two of us got such cute kids. – Oh quit it. We obviously know the answer to that. Right here. Good genes. – Baby Roswell’s hungry and he’s going to try pees today. He hasn’t liked em in the past but he’s like getting to where he likes food more. What you think? – Num num. – What you think honey? Want some more? It’s like he.. – Don’t laugh just pretend it’s num num. – Tayden loved pees and green beans when he was a baby. Oh William’s gonna eat his baby food too. – Yes. – William show our YouTube friends. The baby food that you like. – [ Josh ] Pear blueberry. – Yummy yummy my two babies eating their baby food. Rozzy likes it today. He’s doing so much better eating this week. This morning he ate sweet potatoes and loved em. And now he likes pees today. Yummy nummy. Yummy nummy that’s good huh? Was that good? – Show his legs. We gotta get those legs fattened up a little more. We gotta get those legs chubbier. Stop William. – [ Tayden ] Okay good job Roswell. – [ Josh ] Three pees in a pod back there. Nikoi where we headed? – To my soccer practice. – Nikoi has soccer practice tonight and I’m taking the boys to hit some baseballs or something. Okay Nikoi’s with her teammates. Looks like they’re having lots of fun. William’s headed to the playground. And what are we doing dude? – Batting. – You guys ever seen one of these before? Don’t hit it, don’t hit it. You ever seen one of these before? You used it to joust and punch people. This is designed to help you to hit a baseball. Oh you moved your back foot. K William show me your baseball swing. Whoah k get your elbow up. And remember you step with your front. Step swing. Whoah okay we’re gonna let William hit this thing. Can you hold that sir Tayden? – Yep. – Mr Marlins. Whoah dude. Whoah. K step back, step back. Step back. You hit your butt? – Yeah. – Whoah. Whoah. – [ Tayden ] He hit it on the way back. – Okay let’s take a break. Whoah no, no. You don’t throw the bat. This will hurt you. You don’t throw the bat. That kid is crazy everybody. Geez. We just got done pitching and this kid, this kid is fire guys. He’s getting really good. He’s honing in the strikes. But now Nikoi is done with soccer practice. How was it? – Good. – We could hear you over there giggling. You obviously weren’t having a very good time. You like your team? – Yeah. – Like you teammates? – We’re called the Soccer Cougars. – The Sucker Cougars? – I made up Cougars and everybody else made up soccer. – Sucker Cougars? – Soccer! – Soccer. It sounded like you said sucker cougars. – Sucker. K good job today way to practice. – Dinner at the Dyches house. – I’m scared. – Lot’s of bubbly grease splashing everywhere. – This is wok cooking at it’s finest. – Yeah. What is mommy doing Rozzy? And why don’t you have any clothes on young man? – Cause he’s way cuter with them off. – Look at this chubby boy. Nope that’s not third nipple that’s birth mark if you didn’t know that. Look how chubby delicious this little dude is. Look at these legs. They’re the size of a horse. And his feet. Look at that wrinkle in em. If you’ve never held a chubby little baby like this that just lets you snuggle him. Then you’re missing out. Cause he’s just chubby delicious. Yes you are. Yes you are. So go find somebody who has a chubby baby like this that live nearby you. And just.. Actually don’t do that . They might not like if you did that to their baby. Oh he’s so handsome. His chubby little belly. Huh? Oh I love my chubby babies. Yes I do. All of our kids were chubby though huh? – Yep. – All of our kids have been chubby like this. Just like their daddy. And that’s why Christina likes me so much. She likes to do that to my belly. – Raspberries on your belly, yeah babe. – And my arms. – That’s my favorite. – Yeah my rubber band wrists. And my cankles. K I got to head to the church for a church meeting. These kids are gonna do some rollerblading. Rollerblading. Stroller blading. Mom’s stroller blading. William just fell. Roswell’s stroller blading. Stroller blading. – Stroller mommy. – And Tayden’ skateboarding. Don’t run em over. K walk me to my meeting. – K we’re taking an evening stroll over to see the skate park to check out the cool people and their awesome tricks. – Yeah I’m gonna even try. – Alright. – I’m not gonna be doing some awesome tricks but I’m gonna be like trying some stuff. Who wants to do a trick for the camera? Anybody? That thing’s so big. Hi puppy. Nice job dude. That bowl is huge. I don’t know if you can tell it’s gigantic, seriously. – Mommy. – K Tayden show us some awesome tricks. Did you learn anything? – I can’t do it. It’s where I go like this and then I go. – Cool. Well this is the place to learn buddy. Keep up the good work. William how are you doing? – Bad. Tayden you’re supposed to crash when I’m recording you. Did you get an owy on the skate park? Darn it. Oh man yeah you gotta get those on. – Mommy, mommy watch this. – Okay show me. Whoah. Awesome roller moves dude. – At our house I fall. – You do? – That’s soft, but this is hard. – This is hard. Okay it’s getting dark I think we’re gonna head out. Did you see these guys? Going clear down in there? Did you see how big it is? You wanna bring your bike and go in there? That would take out your tummy. Good job. – Then I can flip it back over. – Nice job. You’ll have to watch some videos about how to do ticks and then you can come over and practice them. – Have you guys seen the crazy snake video? That’s going viral right now? Josh like came in the kitchen and was like re enacting it to me. Telling me about it and I was like. I think it’s a lot funnier when you’re telling me and then we just, we’ve been sitting here on the couch watching the video. Over and over and over again until I’m like crying and can’t breathe. Because I am laughing so hard. But it’s just like so emotional like so terrifying and so hilarious all at the same time. – It’s unreal. – You guys have to go watch it. Josh will post it on our Dyches Fam Facebook page. Go there and watch it right now. – It’s snakes, snake makes dramatic entrance at internet cafe. It is so freaking hilarious and crazy. – It’s like in the Philippines or something. – Asia somewhere yeah. – Yeah it’s craziness and like seriously scary. The snake like attacks this man and that doesn’t sound funny but it’s really funny. – It’s hilarious. – So go watch it. – So hopefully nobody died. If nobody died it’s probably one of the funniest I’ve ever seen. Look at the description below and you’ll the link for our Facebook page. And then you’ll be able to find it there. – Yeah go there. – And do something fun. Watch something funny tonight. Not just us there are funnier cooler things on the internet than us. – No there’s not. There’s not. – But you guys thanks for hanging out with us today. We love you guys. And as always we’ll be here tomorrow with some more fun crazy adventures. – Always. And we love you guys. So we’ll see you tomorrow. – Peace out Dyches Fam. – Peace out Dyches Fam. We love you.

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