PARANORMAL OR NOT? 👻 Big Brother Ghost Girl (Dreamworld Tragedy) ᴸᴺᴬᵗᵛ

originally this video was going to be
part of a larger series called paranormal world where I go through all
of the world’s most haunted locations and quickly break down some of the
history looking for tragic events that might explain why these locations are
haunted this series was going to start with Australia Australia had a history
of paranormal activity and there was quite a bit of documented cases to work
with and that’s where this video comes into play this channel receives
thousands of comments and I do look at the majority of those comments there was
one in particular that stood out because of its strange statement it said that I
should look at the Big Brother ghost girl and how it’s connected to the
dreamworld incident and that that sentence really struck me about what is
that so I looked it up and it turns out that there was a reality show called Big
Brother that some of you are familiar with and there was an Australian version
of that show that was filmed and an amusement park and it’s called
dreamworld dreamworld is located on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia
it has about 40 rides and attractions and then it includes five rollercoasters
now I had no idea what the comment meant so I had to do a little bit of digging
and I found that the people that were filming the Big Brother episodes the
actual camera crew and the production staff were constantly feeling as though
there was some sort of paranormal activity going on and it circled around
this this idea that there was a ghost girl there was a young girl that would I
have to admit when I first started looking into this story I was excited
because it took place apparently on the set of a show where the premise is
you’re monitoring contestants 24 hours a day so that means you’re gonna have a
professional production crew you’re gonna have camera equipment and audio
equipment that is at Hollywood level standards so if you’re going to capture
any kind of paranormal activity it’s an ideal situation and the length of time
that the show went on for made for an in-depth study of the location so I was
expecting to find audio photographic or video evidence
there was some sort of activity I was looking to see if this ghost girl
actually showed up and all we really ended up with after doing some thorough
investigation was there’s just the witness accounts that’s it and so I took
one more step and I said okay well let me look at the records of the property
before dreamworld existed before dream world purchased the land was there any
history was there anything that would link itself like a farmland a farmhouse
where there was a little girl to live there maybe she passed away or even just
a some sort of a tragic incident and there was nothing there was nothing I
could find that area of Queensland was was relatively tame when it came to
history I’m sure there were some incidents that were just not recorded
but there was nothing that I could find it would it would back up the witness
accounts it doesn’t mean that there isn’t really some sort of a haunting
going on there but there’s really no story
however tragically there is a horrific story to be told
about dream worlds Thunder River Rapids and the idea that the tragic events that
unfolded on that ride had anything to do with some sort of paranormal activity I
believe lets people off the hook that are responsible for those tragic events
Thunder River Rapids was a poorly designed ride it was pushing 35 years
old and at the time had numerous maintenance and mechanical issues on
October 25th 2016 at approximately 2:00 p.m. one of the two primary water pumps
on the Thunder river rapids ride would fail causing the water level to lower to
the point that boats in the unloading and loading area would become stranded
on the metal rails just below the surface approximately one minute later
another raft carrying six passengers moved down the conveyor and collided
with the first stranded raft both rafts pivoted upwards driven by the movement
of the conveyor before the first raft fell back into a level position resting
safely on support rails the second raft however was further moved by the
conveyor into a vertical position this would cause passengers to become
entangled in the conveyor of mechanism leading to fatal injuries for for the
passengers the other two passengers both children were able to climb out of the
raft still in its vertical orientation to nearby platforms after the conveyor
had been shut up down by the ride staff the park operators stopped the ride and
started draining the river over seven paramedic crews responded to the
emergency call with firefighters and police the recovery of the bodies went
on into the early hours the next morning with some paramedics requiring
counseling due to the sheer trauma of the scene on November 9th of 2016 ardent
leisure chief executive Debra Thomas announced that the ride would be
permanently closed out of respect to the victims and their families and that they
would be invited to help create a memorial in its place dreamworld
reopened its doors on December 10th 2016 for daily operation the ride has since
been dismantled and the location is fenced off in a report to the Queensland
coroner in October 2017 police recommended to no criminal charges be
laid against any person in a much later inquest as of 2020 the coroner suspected
irresponsible dangerous and adequate safety practices at the theme park
contributed to the four deaths you

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