Parasitic Worm Found in Teen’s Eye

The following program contains graphic images that may be disturbing parents are advised that these images may not be suitable for young children I’m Warning you the video you’re about to see is not for the squeamish amongst us it shows a Parasitic worm crawled into side a boy’s eye Clearly causing discomfort So this is a 17 year old boy from Mexico ended up losing his sight after this parasite invaded the eye The worm had been there for three weeks, and you can see there. That’s actually a flat worm. I Don’t I I mean this is not good no No one wants this to happen, but people don’t realize these parasites these flowers They can end up in a lot of different places in the human, body. Yes, I being one of many well I guess so and I think this was incredibly apparent ly excruciating ly painful in a vision poor young man But the apparently what happens is if you’re in an area where these flat worms these tremor totes Live you can get them by swimming and infected lakes you can ingest the larvae and certain And then they travel where they trotty they didn’t find them in intestines He said that he wasn’t swimming in any lakes So it’s tough to know where this came from It’s an interesting case study that we can all learn from and know that surgery is the option You

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