Parts of Human Eye : Aqueous and Vitreous Humour (GA_JHE07A)

few more important parts of human eye are,
aquous and vitreous humor. and. in human eye about, aquous. humor we can state that, it
is a. watery fluid. present between. cornea and. eye lens. here you can see the picture
of human eye. and in this picture you can see. the region between cornea and the eye
lens in which iris is also there. and the whole region is filled with a watery transparent
fluid and this protective fluid is called aquous humor. and another fluid inside the
eye lens or inside the eyeball behind eye lens is, vitreous humor. and this is a. jelly
like fluid. present in eyeball. chamber. between eye lens. and retina. and about this we can
also write it also helps. in maintaining. shape of eyeball. due its internal pressure.
here in picture also you can see the fluid present between eye lens and retina within
the eyeball. is called vitreous humor.

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