Parts of Human Eye : Blind Spot (JHE08A)

another important part of human eye is blind
spot. this is. bellow the retina and the last part of human eye. and we can write about
it that. the point. in the rear part. of eye. where optic nerve, is attached. optic nerve
is, the nerve which carries the electrical signals from rods and cones to the brain we
have already discussed. and the point, bellow the retina and the rear part of eye, where
optic nerve is attached is called. blind spot. in picture of human eye you can see this is
the blind spot where the optic nerve is attached to the eye which, carries the signals from.
retina to brain. and, at the point of blind spot where the nerve is attached we can write
at this point. there are no. rods and cones. in retina. this is a point where no cells
are there and as no cells are there whenever light falls. onto this point there wont be
any sensation produced. so we can also write if some light. falls. or an image is produced.
in this region. as no cells are there in blind spot region. we can say no signals are sent.
to brain. and no object is seen, even if the image is produced. in the region of blind
spot, the image will not be visible for human eye so in this region it can not be seen.


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