Parts of Human Eye : Iris and Pupil (GA_JHE03A)

let us now discuss the further parts of human
eye. which are iris and pupil after cornea. or iris here we can write it is the. dark.
muscular membrane. or it is a diaphragm. behind. cornea. with a small. opening in it. here
you can see again this is the internal structure of, our eye. and, just behind, the cornea
we can see there is a dark muscular diaphragm. in which there is a small opening through
which light enters into the eyeball. this dark muscular diaphragm is called iris. and
here if we write about pupil. you can write the small opening. of iris. is called. pupil.
and light enters. into eye. through it only. this is the small opening which you can see,
through which light enters into the eyeball and the small opening we call pupil. and for
iris we can say which is surrounding the pupil it can change the size of pupil, based on
the surrounding light conditions. here also we can write down an important note that.
iris. changes. the size of pupil. based on. surrounding lights. here we can write if more
light is there. this implies there will be less size of pupil. and if less light is there
like in darkness or in. night hours. there will be more of pupil the opening of, r is
that is pupil. the size increases in night because less light is getting into the eyes
so to see the image clearly the size of pupil is large so that more light rays enters into
the pupil.

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