Pediatric Sinusitis – Boys Town Ear, Nose & Throat Institute

The diagnosis of pediatric sinusitis includes
the symptoms of runny nose, being obstructed, coughing which is associated with the post
nasal drip, swelling in the eyes, you can get fevers. So if you have a cold that is
typically caused by a virus, it should get better in ten to fourteen days.
If you have those symptoms that last beyond ten to fourteen days and you get worsening
symptoms like fevers and swelling eyes then should start thinking about it being sinusitis.
It would be the same type of period when children have more colds. They are more likely to develop
acute sinusitis. They would be in the younger age group, you know, usually 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,
7 type of age. Although they have sinuses they don’t have
fully developed sinuses so they are less likely to have chronic problems, but what makes them
more prone on the other hand is that they are much more likely to have colds.
A antibiotic is the main state of treatment. Otherwise you support, you clean out the nose
better using some saline washes. If they have significant obstruction you can use a decongestant.
Most of the time, the antibiotic that is treating the bacterial infection is going to make the
difference. Surgery is definitely an option, but it’s much
much more rare to do surgery on kids as opposed to adults. When they have repeated infections
that just keep repeating month after month or they just don’t resolve then we would
look out for other causes that are preventing them from getting better and once we’ve
addressed all of those then we would consider doing surgery.

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