People Get Earwax Extractions For The First Time

– This is, like, great that
this is getting cleaned out. But it’s also scary that this is going to go on the internet. (light music) – I’m really excited
to get my ears cleared, and I’m really hoping to get, like, almost super-sonic hearing out of it. – Whenever I wear headphones, specifically earbuds
that go into your ear, I’ll always have wax on
them when I take them out. – I clean my ears. I don’t know why. I use Q-tips, like, all the time. – I got my ears cleaned
once, maybe five years ago, and a lot of stuff came out then so I’m probably due for another one. – Here today to see if any of the patients that we are going to be seeing have any wax impactions. Jazzmyne, I understand you use Q-tips? – I do. – Ok, and how often are you using Q-tips? – Like, once when I wake
up, once before I go to bed, and every time I shower. – I used to use Q-tips quite often until one day I got one
stuck in my right ear. – How long have your
ears been plugged for? – I don’t really know. It’s probably been so
long that I’ve just grown, like, that’s my norm. – Shall we take a look? – Let’s do it. – Here and see it. As we look in there, – Ugh! – we see full of wax. – So gross. – Yea. So these little hairs
here, everybody has these, and these are actually the
hairs that push the wax out. We actually see wax
completely on your ear drum, so this is, clearly,
someone who uses Q-tips. So let’s get that out for ya. How about that? – Yea, that sounds great. (Dr. laughs) – So this is called a right angle hook. And this allows me to, kind of,
get a little bit deeper here and just, kind of, hook on to the wax and grab it. – Oh, my God. (jazzy music) – Gonna get it all in one swoop there. And this is why we learn surgery, so we can do these kinds of things. There it is. – Wow, wow. – Now you see a nice, clear ear canal. So we kind of come in with
our right angle hook again, (jazzy music) real gently. – Wow. And as we look inside here, we see no wax. Somehow you escaped
without having any problems despite using Q-tips. So you have, kind of, this thicker wax. – Wow. – It is actually clogging
my large suction here so I’m gonna move to a larger suction. – Oh, man, you gotta use
the bigger tube on that? – Gotta use the bigger one. (jazzy music) – Oh, gosh, that’s a
huge piece right there. – There it is coming out. – Woa! – It’s coming out. Gotta just finesse it out of here. – Woa! Oh, my God! Oh, gosh, that’s an afterbirth. (jazzy music) – Much better. There’s your ear drum now. – Wow. – See the difference? – That hasn’t seen the
light of day for years. – It was super cool to watch and feel him, like, removing that wax. – I noticed walking around outside, that I can hear things
a little better, maybe. – It was just nice to see other people’s, what was going on, and as well as my own. – It’s good to get your ears checked so that you know what’s in there, and so that you know how to
properly take care of your ears. – Even if you don’t have wax in your ear, at least you’ll know
that you don’t have wax, and you’ll know that you
have some other problem that’s making you feel foggy headed. (jazzy music)


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