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so three patients in this video so this first patient has come through
with reduced hearing no other signs or symptoms so we’re just using the
standard size zoellner tube just to start to remove this ear wax and just see we’re
getting a grip on the leading edge of the ear wax there and trying to hold on
to it wiggle it up and down so the we can bring this out of the ear ear canal you can
see it peeled away quite nicely and is the eardrum there looking nice and
healthy and shiny so this is the second ear of this patient you can see the ear
wax is quite hard on the outside section of the ear ear canal they so we’re going to use
the standard size zoellner tube on this side as well just to get a grip on this
hard ear wax yes you were just maneuvering around if you a fan of the the peels
that we do the skin peels watch this video to the end is the last patients
got it’s a really good one to watch so we have a little bit of difficulty
grabbing the outer section of ear wax there so we can use the crocodile
forceps just to get a grip just a gentle grip on the outside so we don’t tear
through the middle of this wax I’ll try and hold onto it if possible you can see
it’s just crumbling away there and the pressure of the crocodile forcep just trying to get a good grip on a
quite a hard piece of ear wax to remove it a little bit of dry skin there coming away it looks like it’s holding together
quite nicely which is why I’m continuing with the forcep here so you’ve got that
strip look at the back which seems to be holding everything else in so if we can
get a good enough grip on that section so we’ll just move this front section
out of the way so we can get a grip behind it there that’s why we continued
with the forceps it’s because you can see as we pull that out just how much of
that sort of dry skin ribbon was hanging in there behind it it’s a little bit the
entrance to the right hand side so we’ll just remove that ear wax there choose the crocodile for so it’s a
little bit of dry skin as well same as what you saw at the back end of that
piece of you ear wax we just removed so yeah let’s just take another way you can see
the eardrum there looking nice and healthy this is what we remove so you
can see just how long that strip of dry skin was at the rear and that’s it in
inches okay so this is our second patient so this patients come through a
little bit of aching into the jaw reduced hearing on this side so we can
see it’s quite a large lump of ear wax this we’re just gonna use the standard size
zoellner tube just to do a bit of probing on the outside of the ear wax seeing how
hard this is whether there’s any movement there to the to the ear wax whether
it’s going to come out in one piece basically so we can see is there it a
little bit of movement to this ear wax here we go so we’ve got the offending piece
out but watch what happens as we pull this long strip of dry skin like hanging
behind it it’s a little piece there at the entrance as well so we’ll remove
that maybe I’ll even see a little bit of swimmers ear so a little bit of a bump
there to the right-hand side of the ear ear canal so that’s that long strip of dry
skin a long ribbon of dry skin which was holding this nugget of ear wax here at the
front in okay so this one’s quite an interesting patient this one’s basically
we’ve had a patient come through had an ear infection has been using drops to
treat it but also a little bit of ear wax so what’s happened is we’ve got this
layer of dried mixture of drops ear wax infected material that’s been left over
or coating the outer part of the ear ear canal so this patient has got quite
reduced hearing on this side so what we’re going to do now is we effectively
have to remove all of this so you can see it stuck really well to the ear ear canal
wall so this is going to be a case of peeling all this down the ear ear canal
so we’ve got the standard size zoellner tubing here at the moment starting from
the outer part of the ear ear canal where the edge of this ear wax is sometimes if you
can lift it from the outer part of the ear ear canal you’ll get a nice long pull on
this this material that’s coating around the outside edge so we’re gonna use the
crocodile forceps now just to try and lift and pull at the same time so we’re
just going to lift it off the ear ear canal and pull it away because here just sheared
off a little bit there let’s left us with another edge to work on so we’re
gonna use the crocodile forceps again there you go you can see how it’s just
formed a long dry plate in here yeah yeah just pulling again every time we
pull out we’re leaving another piece to work on another leading edge to work on
with the forceps so we’re going to carry on with the forceps it tends to be the
most effective tool for these kind of peeling extractions that we need to do
so you can see we’re just carrying on and moving up a little bit of a deeper
section in here now the reason I’m aiming obviously we need to pull this
section away you can see that it’s coming away from quite deep in the ear ear canal
we’ve managed to clear the left-hand side of the ear ear canal now so when we take a
look in here and so you’ve got another leading edge here to get a grip on now
sometimes we’re lucky when you pull these it will actually pull
peel from the right side down and bring the right side then its just starting
to do that the bottom edge there but it didn’t quite manage it so we’ve still
got a lot to the right-hand side here so I’m gonna try and get a grip rather than
work from the front we’ll work our way back and then I turn get a grip on this
back section and bring it towards the front which should then give us quite an
effective there you go peel nearly all of the way down the ear ear canal now you
can see we’ve got this section to the right here so I can use thezoellner tube
just a lift from the ear ear canal wall but we need to get a really good solid piece to
get the grip on I want to try and peel this off in do it in one piece
if you can obviously it means the less the less
times you have to work against the ear ear canal wall the more comfortable it is for the
patient so if we can just try and lift a good section at the front here it means
it’s gonna be a lot easier to get that out so just lifting from the ear ear canal wall it’s just peeled off in a small section
they’re trying to find the best grip we can peeling away some of these looser bits
at the front entrance now just to try and get a more substantial grip or more
substantial piece to peel away from the ear ear canal wall and now we’re starting to get
a nice leading edge there it’s all peeling off you can see is the remainder
in in one go it’s almost a bit like what’s the best way of describing it
it’s almost like peeling wallpaper if anyone’s ever taken wallpaper off if
you get a really good section and take it away it’s kind of like that your
trying to aim for those kind of big pieces so going back in with the
forceps so we’ve actually lift it so we’re just gonna gently pick this back
up there you go and try and peel and you’ll see it peeling all the way down
now just uncover the top of the eardrum there
okay so what we’ve got now is a plate that’s left actually on the eardrum itself
now what I want to do is create a good enough edge to be able to get the
forceps under here okay we can try and peel this with a suction tube which is
what we’re going to do by lifting it first now if as I lifted this it looked
like we were going to get a really good bit of movement to this plate using the
suction I’d obviously carry on with the suction to go that way but it’s actually
quite it’s quite thick so it’s not really bending away from the ear canal very
well and we can’t get a good enough grip on it with the suction here because it’s
so close to a clip the ear canal wall and when it’s this deep it’s very difficult
to get them the angle you need to maneuver the whole thing off off the off
the eardrum so what we’re going to do is create a leading edge using the fine end
here yeah just your peeling away I’m looking to get enough distance between
the between that plate there and the ear ear canal wall to be able to get the edge of
the crocodile forceps so we’ve got that there you see we’re getting the
grip just broke away at the end so we’re just gonna take another or so you were
very cautious here because we are right next to the ear drum there you know
we’ve got a good enough grip now very slow gentle controlled peel now okay so
take this away from the ear drum very very gently and there we are
whole thing came away in one piece if we take a look at the ear drum all nice and
clear patient hearing a lot better a little bit of dullness this or a patient
has had a little bit of middle ear fluid so you can see here this is the mixture
of skin infected debris and wax that’s been removed some quite long pieces in
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