Persistent Ear Infections and Sensory Processing Struggles Testimonial | SENSORY PROCESSING | SPD

So tell us what originally brought you
into Radiant Life? So originally we started coming to Radiant Life for my son’s persistent ear infections. We shortly after starting, found out that my son also had some sensory processing challenges and so being at Radiant Life
has greatly helped with that as well. Great! Can you tell us a little bit about
what you saw in him before he started with us and then where he is today? So initially he was having big emotions for everything. Such as change in his environment, change in routine… not wanting to try new things… was having difficulty with his coordination and a lot of accidents And we’ve seen improvement in all of those areas. His focus has increased. We’ve gone from two to three incident reports at school a week… down to two to three in the last year. He has been more willing to open to new…try new things. Such as he had a new teacher at school about a year and a half ago and it was crying every morning before school that he didn’t want to go… He said he’d have a horrible day every day. To…now he recently got a new teacher he was open to trying and seeing how this new teacher would be… and it’s gone so much more smoothly than before. That’s an awesome story! Absolutely! And we’re really happy for your little guy. Thank you so much. Thank you.

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